Three Great Online Resources For Marriage Counselors


Resources are the key to any thriving marriage counseling practice. Good marriage counselors know that they have to constantly improve to keep their clients happy. These online resources provide the latest information on the approach for treating patients. Expect to find information regarding ethical practices in marriage counseling and a host of other topics including clinical issues, legal issues and career resources. These three resources are some of the most comprehensive:

1. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

The American Association for Marriage and Family sets standards regarding ethical practices for marriage and family therapists. There are over 50,000 professional marriage and family therapists in the United States that benefit from the resources provided by this organization. The organization provides information on minority fellowships, MFT requirements, accreditation and directories. Clinical issues, legal issues, ethical issues, MFT career resources and advocacy also fall within this organization’s area of expertise.

The Family Therapy Magazine online is recommended for marriage counselors also. This magazine is one of the best resources for marriage and family therapists. The magazines offer tips to marriage and family therapists. As long as marriage counselors remain abreast of the latest developments in the marriage and therapy field, they can continue to offer relevant advice to their clients. Exercises to help marriage counselors may also be found in some of the recommended resources offered by this organization. Search their website for more information.

2. American Counseling Association

American Counseling Association was started in 1952. This organization provides leadership training, continuing education, advocacy and publications to counseling professionals. The American Counseling Association currently has 45,000 members and is continually adding more members to its roster. This is one of the largest organizations in the world for professional counselors, and it promotes the development of professional counselors based upon a set of ethical standards.

The American Counseling Association provides a variety of resources for its members including licensure information, certification information, podcast series, student resources, public policy issues, career center opportunities and the latest in counselor news. These resources are some of the most comprehensive resources offered to marriage counselors.

3. American Psychological Association

Every marriage counselor or psychologist should also be familiar with the American Psychological Association and the ethics code. The code will identify behaviors that need punitive response. Five general principles and ethical standards are available to marriage counselors who take advantage of the opportunities available.

The organization also explores the goals of psychologists and varying ideology in the field of psychology. Clinical practice, research and publications are also a focus of the American Psychological Association and can be great resources for marriage counselors. Because the APA is one of the most respected organizations, marriage counselors can be assured to find information regarding their profession and the rest of the psychology field also.

Try These Online Resources to Improve Your Practice

Marriage counselors can improve their practice by reviewing these sites and learning more about the latest practices and principles in marriage counseling. These resources can improve the level of service offered to clients and are reputable and established. Consider a membership with these organizations and gain greater access to resources that can help clients.

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Rodney Aaron is a family counselor and guest author at Best Masters in Counseling, where you can find the Top 10 TED Talks on Psychology.

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