Things To Consider Before Choosing Time Tracking Software


Businesses appreciate the value that time tracking software provides. It provides an easy way to see how productive your workforce is during the working day, and make improvements where necessary. It can be used across many different industries, and can track employee productivity, assist with employee scheduling, and monitor employee absences. Deciding on team time tracking software can be challenging. However, there are six features that any business owner should look for when choosing computer time tracking software.

Web-based software is becoming increasingly more popular since most technologies are now cloud-based. This type of software is great for two reasons. First, there is no need to update your software periodically. Second, this option is safer since the software runs on many different servers instead of one. You don’t have to worry about technical issues in the event of a power outage or an emergency.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Time Tracking Software

Team time tracking software should be easily accessible to all departments within a business. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need of having to perform the same update more than once.

Since there are different types of businesses, and their needs differ, be sure and find a productivity tracker that is right for your type of business. One company may need an easy way to keep track of employees’ paid time off such as vacation, sick, and comp time, while another business may need a fully-functional billing system to easily and quickly create invoices.

Whatever platform you choose for your easy time tracking, you should have a system for documentation. The notes that one employee enters should be easily accessible to another employee in a different department. Or a manager could make notations regarding an employee’s special circumstance time off request.

Many employees these days telecommute or work outside the physical office while traveling. To keep up with these needs, it’s important to choose software that can be viewed outside of the office from different devices, such as PCs, smart phones, and tablets. This will allow employees to clock in and out while they are away from the office. It also keeps better track of certain employees, such as those that are outsourced.

The last feature to consider when choosing team time tracking software is detailed reporting. Accurate reporting is necessary to view and analyze trends, pinpoint poor-performing sections of the business, and even analyze processes. When using enough data, you can determine which areas of the business need improvement and take appropriate action.

Utilizing productivity trackers are a great way to keep track of time spent on certain projects, weak areas of the business that need attention, productivity of employees, employee absences, sales figures and trends, and many other important aspects of a business. Be sure to do some research to determine the different types of time tracking software that are available. Then decide which one would be right for your business. Investing in computer time tracking software is a smart way to boost your business’s productivity and therefore, profit.

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