How To Optimize Your Business For Mobile Search


The use of internet to influence consumer marketing behavior has been growing tremendously and it does not show any signs of reaching an optimal stage. According to research carried out in 2010, the number of internet users have grown over 400% from the year 2000 to the year 2010 and the numbers keep growing.

In the last 5 years, the internet usage has shifted from computer to handsets, and with introduction of smart phones, it has changes the whole meaning of online marketing. Selling and marketing is now ‘on the go.’

According to Google, about 94% of smart phone users have at one time searched for some local information. About 70% of these have called to enquire on the information searched and about 42% have acted within 24hours.. This is a critical factor that will greatly influence on the success of the local business.

How To Optimize Your Business For Mobile Search

Having that in mind, to ensure that they succeed, businesses must be aggressive on creating an awareness that will help them get calls regarding their businesses. The following are some of the things that any business should keep in mind to ensure its success.

  • Concentrate on specific mobile keywords:

Performing a search on a mobile device based on SEO is much more different from carrying a search on a desktop. Mobile devices use shorter phrases and to cut across your target market, it is advisable to use the common misspelt words and terms related to your products.

  • Optimize your mobile landing page:

All mobile users searching for products related to your business should be able to navigate easily and a clear and concise call-to-action. Also while developing your mobile website, you should ensure that there is very little load time of utmost 7 seconds.

  • Strive to get to number one or two:

This is one of the key things that any business should strive aggressively to achieve. Mobile phones, having a small screen, many users tend to go with the information that they see first on their screen and since a mobile phone screen is small, the result is that the first 2 or 3 businesses get more traffic the others which are rarely seen.

  • Write adverts that are customized specifically for mobile users:

When creating an advert, targeting mobile users, you should put easily accessible discount codes and/or coupons for the users looking for best deals. Also, make your information to be found with ease and straight to the point.

  • Make use of the mobile ad extension:

Whereby you can put your phone number and the people searching for your business can just click to call. In addition to have call extension, businesses seeking success should also include their location and can easily be found on the Google maps result pages.

These are just some of the key things that you should put in mind while starting out on an online marketing campaign targeting the mobile users.

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