The World’s Most Advanced Casinos


Casinos are no longer venues for simple late night flutters or stag party weekend breaks. Over the past couple of decades, they’ve evolved into sprawling holiday destinations featuring seven star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the world’s most exclusive night clubs. Thanks to advances in technology, along with an ever-growing demand for venues that offer new experiences, today’s casinos – both in the real and the online worlds – are designed to excite and appeal to anyone and everyone.

Extravagance on New Levels

One of the most advanced casinos in the world is the Venetian in Macau, a $2.4 billion destination that is the world’s largest casino, featuring some 3,000 slot machines, 24 bars and restaurants and a canal system inside its 3,000-room hotel. Also in Macau is rival casino, Wynn; the extravagant resort is famed for its fountain and water-dancing show, and also boasts the ‘Dragon of Fortune’, an attraction that involves a huge animated dragon emerging from the fog and rising high in the air, designed to stun and amaze guests.

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas also has a reputation for being outlandish. Its 3,000 rooms all feature balconies, many of which look out on to the property’s crazy Bellagio fountains. Interesting features include “connected” columns, which project videos day and night, and the Chandelier Bar, which boasts over 21 miles of crystal beads. It even has its own dog park!

High-adrenaline Adventure

The most advanced resorts are not just confined to Las Vegas and Macau; Sun City Resort in South Africa is a two-hour drive from Johannesburg and feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. Its facilities include a man-made lake complete with jet-skiing and parasailing, a huge outdoor water park, the world’s fastest zip-line – and even its own safari. And Sentosa in Singapore is so massive, it includes a theme park, the world’s largest aquarium, and over 16,000 feet of gaming floor.

Luxury and High-tech Security

Technology and luxury seem to go hand-in-hand; and some of the world’s most opulent casinos are using the latest technology to heighten security. The Bellagio Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, for example, is home to some of the most 25 euro bez depozytu advanced casino security technology and is widely considered one of the most luxury casino hotels in the world. Such is the luxury at Bellagio that its most valuable assets must be protected; all chips at the casino contain tiny RIFD chips within their cores. The chips emit a unique identifying sound over radio frequencies, which the cash desks can detect. This ensures counterfeit chips cannot be cashed. They have already paid off at the Bellagio, foiling a $1.5m heist in 2010.

Other technologies being used by the most advanced casinos include Angel Eye – an intelligent computer designed to prevent card-switching, and biometric face recognition, which prevents unwanted guests from entering casino doors.

Themed Casinos

It’s not just technology that is enabling today’s casino to offer a more advanced, contemporary and unique experience. Themed casinos, as well as those that are tailored towards specific types of people, are emerging. Take Pink Casino, for example, which is aimed to appeal to women. Although men are allowed to join the online casino, its content, tables and betting options are designed with women in mind – with games such as Golden Goddess and Fluffy Favorites proving popular among members.

Whatever you’re looking for in a casino, you can bet your last dollar that you’ll now be able to find one that suits you.

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