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Bingo is often underestimated as a game of pure luck, but actually, if you want to win at bingo, then you are much more likely to do so if you understand some of the key strategies behind the game. There are a handful of very simple tricks and tips to boost your chances of winning, but there are also a few that are perhaps a bit trickier to get your head around. If you are wanting to win big at bingo, then you should try to understand some techniques of the game.

Tippett’s Theory

Some of the number theories behind bingo are a little complicated, and the Tippett theory is perhaps one of them. However, it is also one of the most famous number systems that relates to the game, so it is well worth trying to suss it out.

Most simply put, the Tippett theory claims bingo players should choose tickets with more numbers close to the median. The median number would be 45 in a game where the numbers go from 1-99, and 38 in a game where the numbers go from 1-75.

Try to imagine two separate piles of bingo balls. In pile number one are all the winning bingo balls. In pile number two are all the balls which are still in the cage. It is likely that the middle value of these winning balls is either much greater, or much lower than 45. And unless either 1 or 99 had been drawn, which is unlikely, then the range of the numbers in this winning pile will most probably be much slimmer than 99.

More balls will be drawn as the bingo game goes on, and as this occurs, the winning pile will become increasingly similar to the pile which is still in the cage. Gradually these two piles will even out and the same pile which was initially in the cage is regained. The two piles become more and more alike as the games progresses, meaning that the median will also become closer to the “perfect average” again.

The Tippett theory has never been properly proven, but it may be worth trying it out next time you play a game.

Pick tickets with random numbers

This strategy completely contradicts the Tippett theory but is also strongly backed by a high percentage of keen bingo players. Enthusiasts argue that since the numbers are called out at random, picking tickets with random numbers also, particularly if you have multiple tickets, will improve your chances of winning. This theory perhaps isn’t as established as the Tippett theory, but it could be worth giving it a shot.

Play more tickets

Playing more tickets per game allows you a greater chance of winning; it’s simple. However, tickets can be pricey, and some bingo websites will allow you to play a hundred tickets per game. For this reason, be sure to set yourself a spending budget for each game, and don’t spend more than what you can realistically afford. Work out how many tickets you can manage per game; perhaps start with one or two tickets, and then slowly try out four or five.

Buy fewer tickets, but play more games?

Rather than playing more cards per game, instead you could choose to play fewer cards but more games overall. This strategy makes for a calmer bingo experience, and also means that each game won’t be quite so expensive. However, since you would be playing more games overall, your chances of winning at bingo are still increased. If you have a lot of spare time on your hands, this could work much better for you than just playing more tickets per game.

Use online bingo chat rooms

Online bingo chat rooms give you a great online space in which you can socialise with other players and pick up some decent tips and tricks from players who are maybe more experienced at bingo than you are. Use chat rooms to boost your knowledge of the game, whilst simultaneously making new friends.

Find a website that works for you

There are thousands of different bingo websites out there so don’t be afraid to be a bit picky. If you don’t enjoy a particular website, then chances are you won’t keep playing there. Don’t over commit yourself to any one website too hastily. Read online reviews of where is good to play or ask friends and family members for recommendations if they too enjoy playing online bingo.

What works for one bingo player might not work for another, so play around with these different tips and tricks to find out which are most suited to you, and which you can just leave aside. When you play bingo, make sure you don’t get too competitive and obsessed with winning big. Failing to play responsibly could get you into a tricky money situation, and spoil bingo for you in the long run. Just have fun with it and enjoy it for the fun game that it is.

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