The Software: Quickeys X2


The Software Quickeys X2

QuicKeys is CE software that dates way back in time. It can be integrated with the Mac OS 9.x. QuicKeys can easily be enhanced to the X2. Most QuicKeys have become so dependant on the software to a level that they cannot simply do without it.

The QuicKeys is software that enables the user to add key tabs on the existent keyboard that will add to its functions.

The QuicKeys has a basic function that allows the user to introduce new programs. The procedure is simple as it requires on to press on the control function simultaneously with the initial letter of the name of the program. The control-p function is used to unlock the Photoshop while the control-w unlocks word. In situations where two different programs have similar initial letters then one can make use of the Shift or the Alt tabs.

When one wants to select URLS and specific addresses on their email then they can select from the preferred menu or simply press Control-Alt-w which wills them to access, Google, Amazon and the like.

QuicKeys can also be used to type contents. One needs to press two or three tabs and this will enable them to type content on HTML, CSS and even Java script.

QuicKeys has the ability to automatically align a series of tasks in one program or more. The procedure is easy and requires one to turn to record mode after which one will analyze the series of tasks and then make a choice, copy paste, select from menu, press the dialog tabs and much more. QuicKeys has a strong memory as it will easily decode and store these operations. QuicKeys allows the user to repeatedly perform similar tasks by use of an f-key or even integrate other keys to help it achieve the same. With QuicKeys one can also create a series manually as opposed to making use of the keystrokes to spar remembrance of a series of events.

QuicKeys allows the user to make use of repeat circles that is very advantageous in the sense that one can carry out repeat jobs more conveniently. The program is so user friendly that one can simply instruct the program and direct it on how many times they require a certain task to be repeated. Quickens allows the user to cater for time lapses and thus one can have their email downloaded even if they are away.

For the Mac version users, they can add on to the strength of QuicKeys by merging it with AppleScript. The two run concurrently and symbiotically as either can give directions to the other. However, this service may not benefit all Mac version users as not all the Mac version programs will work together with the AppleScripts.

QuicKeys 2.1
Features 80%
Ease of Use 85%
Value for Money 85%
‘Must Have’ Factor 95%
Manufacturer CE Software
Price $99.95 – Mac OSX, Mac Classic, Windows
Summary Invaluable productivity booster.

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