The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation


Robotic process automation is a recent trend in technological development and can have massive implications on the labour market and the society in the coming years. The trends and developments that take place are often seen as ambiguous. On the one hand automation procedures open new opportunities for economical effectiveness and better utilisation of workforce. But likewise, some people see risks of job losses or are scared by the power of artificial intelligence.

To start with, first of all what is robotic process automation? It can include a variety of different forms of automation, from software to complex physical robotics that are installed in a factory. A simple automation form is automated process management through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. With such as software solution companies can easily replace repetitive tasks on the computer with a “virtual workforce”. This article has been brought to you by Thoughtonomy. Once the software has been set up it can automatically conduct the same task of the employee in less time. This obviously effects the efficiency of business operations and helps businesses to become more cost-efficient.

The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation

Another benefit is that the workforce can now be used for more important tasks and does not have to be allocated to repetitive tasks and admin jobs that are normally not appreciated by employees anyway. Most critics of robotic automation don’t really see that robotic automation does not necessarily lead to job loss but much more importantly opens doors to be more creative and use the power of individuals in better ways than for administrative tasks.

Furthermore, critics can be reassured that certain jobs will always need to be in place and can never be taken by an automation and a robot. There a three things that humans can do significantly better than robots, which is 1. Creativity and Idea generation, 2. Common sense, 3. Emotion and Humour. All jobs that fit either of these attributes will hardly be replaced by automation in future.

Automation with software or AI can help to reduce the major societal trend of health conditions or too much stress related to work overload. Also, it is a great achievement of robotic automation to take over unpleasant jobs of assembly line workers in factories. Other industries that take advantage of automation are agriculture and mining where rationalisation had led to reduced need of work labour on a large scale.

If you are still skeptical of robotic process automation and afraid that a robot might be the cause that you are loosing your job, then you keep in mind that the labour market has always changed at any point of time. The industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th century has massively changed the whole professional environment, but with that created lots of new jobs. In the same way will automation inarguably change todays labour market, but who knows what new opportunities will be formed based on the creativity of the human mind and historical experience.

Automation opportunities generally exist in almost all industries. As a business owner you can start simply by implementing a software solution that will first of all monitor and record the task that you want to automate. Then the software will analyse the process and search for opportunities of improvements and finally it will all be programmed and the task will be  conducted by itself.

As you see there are many benefits of robotic process automation and it is a very contemporary topic you should definitely look into as a business owner as well as an employee. It will certainly change the labour market but with that bring lots of new opportunities.

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