Ten Top Driving Apps


It’s not possible to download an app that will drive your car for you…yet. While you’re wait, here’s a boot full of excellent apps that you can download to your smart phone that will help with all aspects of motoring.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

iCarPark is a handy app that helps you remember exactly where you parked your car. Track your parking time. Load the precise spot of your vehicle in a multi-level parking garage and yes, let your phone lead you right to your car after a night on the town. Probably best to give your phone and your car keys to your designated driver before you start.

Rescue Me…

One of the most useful driving related apps around. Multi-functions and easy to use. With Green Flag you’re able to send your exact location to the company whether you’re a member or not, and get help fast. You can also use the app to set reminders for your MOT and Road Tax deadlines.

Sat Nav – You’ll Never Need Your A-Z Again

There are several excellent sat-nav apps that are quick and easy to download. TomTom has been updated for the UK and Ireland and now provides lots of useful information including the location of speed cameras, addresses of businesses via Google and extremely clear vocal instructions. You can download it for any smart device.

Map Quest is a very handy app specifically designed for Android smart phone users. You can now input multiple destinations at once and it allows for voice search, so you never have to look away from the road ahead.

CoPilot is also extremely popular in the UK. You can enter a postcode to get an address and the app can be synched with your address book. You can use 2D or 3D driving views, and it has speed camera warnings and speed limit warnings for each area.

Traffic Tips

You’ll never have to sit in a 20-mile tailback on the highway ever again with RAC Traffic which updates the traffic status of roads across the UK on a continual basis. It displays data about incidents that have just happened and gives you an estimate of just how long the delay will be.

Traffic UK also provides real time traffic updates sent directly to your smart phone and with this app, your position is sent via GPS to the app and it does the figuring for you.

Stay Within the Law, Behind The Wheel

Speaking on your phone while driving is against the law. Handsfree sets took care of that. Texting while driving is also against the law, but now you can download an app that allows you to stay safe while driving. has developed an app that lets you receive and send text messages via voice. The app reads out text and email messages and allows you to respond without touching a button or removing your hands from “10 to 2”. It’s available for Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile smart phones.

Economy Run

With PetrolPrices Pro you just input your location and this handy app will give you the address of your closest petrol stations and the price of petrol. 11,000 Shell, BP, Total and Esso stations across the UK for cheaper driving.

The closest you’ll ever get to remote driving is Viper SmartStart, an app that allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle and even start your engine directly from your iPhone. Let’s hope that soon, you’ll be able to get your phone to drive your car, leaving you free to make as many calls as you like!

Be aware on the roads, be safe – Netcars.

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