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So if SEO is all about ranking well on search engines, why all the need for design and user experience?  SEO is not just about ranking well.  It’s about making connections with consumers.  Connecting well with consumers warrants many elements, including a good web design.

For the purpose of this article, let’s refer to SEO with design included as ‘Website SEO services.’  What kind of difference does a great design make?  Consider the following information.

Good Rank, Bad UX
User experience or UX can’t be underestimated.  Let’s consider a common issue.  A site ranks very well, tempting browsers to click on site URLs.  Once on the site browsers are horrified to find it looking most unprofessional and non-intuitive.  Despite great rank such sites are not coveted and don’t experience good conversions.  As one can understand, it’s not a ranking problem.  The brand’s issue focuses on design and user experience.  Good rank does nothing, means nothing if a domain’s pages are not well designed and implemented.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is a popular maxim.  Though the implications related to people makes for good relations it is not wise regarding business.  People do judge brands by the appearance of ads, executives, commercials, etc.  A poor-looking website speaks volumes on a brand, whether it’s deserved or not.  It’s just the reality of consumerism.  People are judging.  Do you want your brand to be labeled as ‘professional’?  Ensure you host a stellar design and user experience.

Reflection on Your Services
Closely aligned with the notion of professionalism are associations aligned with one’s brand.  A great web design promotes branding.  Branding is associated with how outsiders view a particular brand.  Every business-related notion contributes, for better or worse, to branding.  A brand’s web design and user experience is a direct reflection on the brand.  A brand with a horrible-looking website may recruit negative thoughts of consumers, of those who believe a brand’s services/products will be of equal quality.

What does your design look like compared to that of your competitors?  Again, consumers are judging you.   It seems unfair, but it’s likely some brands will lose consumers to competitors due to superior design and user experience.  For instance, how long does it take your pages to load?  Browsers are fickle.  Load time matters.  Website SEO services help with design and experience.  Think of a retail store.  What if you had no idea where to find items?  It would frustrate you.  Browsers experience the same kind of frustration regarding websites.

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Mercedes Potter is an Inbound Marketer for a leading SEO company, Webimax. She offers tips and advice on how to get the most out of your SEO. Follow her @CedesPotter to stay up to date on the latest news.

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