Technology: It’s getting smaller!


Size matters. No, it really does! Think about it, those that have bigger pay packets, big houses and big cars are those that all seem to carry status. I mean, you don’t see all the A-List celebs living in a two up two down driving a Mini. Of course not! They all live in massive mansions! However, I have noticed that in recent years technology has started off big and gotten increasingly smaller and smaller. With technology, it seems that at first it was a good idea to produce all the latest gadgets big so that they could carry status but as the worlds population has become more and more busy, technology gadgets have had to get smaller and more compact so that we can travel around with them due to our ever-demanding lifestyles.

One of the best example surely has to be the mobile phone. When mobile phones first came on the scene back in the late 1980’s they were huge. I mean, I don’t know what was exactly mobile about them as I certainly would not have been able to carry one of those around! They were as big and as heavy as bricks and you would not have able to miss a person who was using one! But as the years and decades passed, mobile phones have become a lot smaller to the point where it was almost the smaller the better!

The same has also happened in the electronic cigarette world, although these are obviously a much more recent gadget than the mobile phone. Electronic cigarettes are often used as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes as users can still get their nicotine fix without inhaling any other harmful toxins such as tar or carbon monoxide which are created when tobacco burns. Since there is no tobacco used in these devices, no smoke is produced but vapour instead hence why these gadgets can beat the smoking ban and be used indoors and in public places.

Just like the mobile phone, when e-cigs, as they are more commonly known, were first released on to the consumer market, they were pretty bulky and ugly. Now, for many self-conscious first time users of e-cigs holding something that is big and bulky is not what they want. They probably already feel self-conscious just for the simple fact that they are using an e-cig and want to attract as little attention to themselves as possible. So, for these reasons as well as the fact that these gadgets frequently need to be carried around, they have started to become much smaller in size. One such e-cig is called the Gripper Mod and is just big enough so that it can fit into the palm of your hand so it can be puffed on in with utmost discretion. Perfect for those that like their gadgets to come in as small a size as possible!

Katie writes on behalf of where you can find more information on the features of the Gripper Mod.

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