X350 Slim from MSI: Ultra Portable Laptop with Outstanding Keyboard


X350 Slim from MSI: Ultra portable laptop with outstanding keyboard

An ideal laptop is one which is both compact and convenient to use and MSI has again created a magic in yet another product called Slim X350.  This model has excellent performance and speed and is well suited for office and surfing on travel for long hours.

X350 Slim weighs very less (2.8 pound) and priced $999 and is convenient to carry and use when you are on the go. Its appearance may not be appealing due to the large battery which projects slightly, but its performance overrules any other thing. The place for resting your wrist is comfortably designed with matte black with chrome finishing and is resistible to finger prints. But the outer case is not free from your fingerprints which pose a sleek look.

The model has 13 inch LED screen anchored by backlight and high resolution producing sharp images with brilliant colours. This ultra portable model has a good audio system and a web camera.

The keyboard designs are far better than its earlier model, and have enough room for comfortable typing. The touch pad is located near the keyboard and is capable of rotating and zooming.

The laptop contains enough ports for external connection on the left corner. On its right corner, it has microphone and headphone with added USB ports. The power is supplied by Intel Core processor backed up by 4GB memory. The X350 slim model has Windows 7 as its OS and it does not support optical drive and has a solid 500 GB hardware drive.

On conducting various tests for measuring its performance, the scores were found to be somewhat below average or average depending upon the test and the results was inconsistent. It did not fare well above average on Vantage test but it was good in Encoding test on Windows Media for conversion. The differences were only marginal from the average score.

On the test meant for processor unit the result was found to be below average. But on i-Tunes testing, the score was found to be average. But you need not worry about the results and just see the merit of the system in its portability and light weight.

On the test for graphics the result was not satisfactory and hence it is not possible for you to play any games with great speed. But the device was good enough for playing movies and videos with the help of Adobe Flash player.

Its excellence lies in its battery life. This Slim X350 has a large battery life and is found to be the only laptop working for prolonged period of more than 6 hours.

This model is equipped with Windows 7 operating system of 32 bit version. It also contains added software packages from private parties which may entertain you. Apart from this, MSI offers a grand 3 years of warranty for its model X350 inside U.S.A. and 1 year warranty for its usage around the globe.

To conclude, Slim X350 is the ultra portable device with prolonged battery and excellent keyboard with average performance.

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