Q430-11 from Samsung with Excellent CPU Performance


Q430-11 from Samsung with excellent CPU performance

Laptop with light weight and reasonable prices are of high demand in this modern era and Samsung has launched Q430 to hit the users again. This slim model priced $915 lure the customers by its stylish looks and superb performance with average battery life. The thickness of this device is 1.3 inch and the weight is just 5 pounds. Built of strong aluminium the outer cover is black in colour and the inner parts are brushed silver colour. The mouse buttons are not free from finger prints and Samsung does not support multi-media in this Q430 model.

On its corner wide range of ports or slots such as USB port, LAN jack, two another ports for external connection, and a Multi media card memory are included in this laptop. But the sad part is it does not have e-SATA port to connect high speed hard drives.

Other elements of Q430 are more inspiring like a DVD burner, hard drive of 500 GB capacity, and a wi-fi for wireless connection. The keyboard is spacious and comfortable for working. The Webcam device takes excellent sharp pictures both in well lit and dim lit conditions.

The Q430 has LED screen of 14 inches with backlighting facility and high resolution to produce sharp, crisp text with readable icons. The video playing was also good enough without any motion blur or shadows. Although the speakers produce great sound the music does not fill the entire room.

The laptop was excellent in its performance powered by Intel Core processor. The scores were far above average in comparison with the similar priced laptops in the market. The scores of Vantage test outperformed Asus and HP models. It showed a strong GPU performance and CPU performance in all the tests conducted.

Even though this model may not be the thinnest one still with 1.3 inches thickness it stands in row with other models.

On the conversion tests of video clipping into format the results was amazing and it out ruled Asus laptop. On testing for i-tunes the model fared well enough with its competitors.

The Q430 from Samsung was at its best in graphics performance which showed outstanding results on three dimensional graphics tests. The scores were almost double that of Pavilion dm4t from HP.

Similarly, the game play options of this model was amazing and much greater than HP model indicating that you can play various games in this Q430 with high speed and resolution.

But the disappointment came on checking its battery. Like many other models, the Q430 has a short life for battery.

Apart from the OS of Windows 7 with all added features, Samsung supports a Cyber Link DVD for playback from multimedia. It manages all devices for editing videos, DVD creation and playback.

Samsung offers software of Recovery for creating backups for hard drive. Software for sharing everything available on Q430 with other PC is also included in this model.

Best Buy (its promoter) and Samsung have created a software putting together all the services and software in its app Software Installer. The company offers one year warranty for its inner parts along with technical support online.

Overall, for the fastest CPU performance you can buy this model Q430, which is modestly priced with sleek design and excellent web camera.

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