Fantastic iPhone Apps Every Human Resources Manager Should Have


As a human resources professional, you must wear many hats. From recruiting and interviewing potential employees to managing payroll, you are dealing with some delicate situations that will affect the lives of many people. Fortunately, modern technology provides a lot of tools to make your job just a little easier. Here are some fantastic iPhone apps every human resources representative should have:

HR at Your Fingertips by HR Sentry. This is considered to be one of the highest ranking human resources apps available on the market today. From its easy to use interface, you can access a comprehensive database of everything you need to know when it comes to HR, including federal human resources laws, step by step instructions for writing an employee manual, a glossary of over 275 terms/definitions, and more. You can even store important documents in the on-board virtual file cabinet, and share them with others via email.

Workforce Explorer by Peoplefluent. As a human resources representative, it is your job to keep track of employee performance, compensation, and disciplinary action. Workforce Explorer is the perfect app to help you do that, featuring an array of performance data metrics that you can use to devise plans of action as necessary.

Interview Assistant by Intersog. Interviewing and screening potential employees can be one of the most stressful responsibilities an HR professional might have. This simple app can help ease the burden by providing guidance on creating effective interview questions, assessing interviewees on a psychological level, weighing out the potential advantages and disadvantages of hiring an interviewee in question, and much more.

Run Mobile Payroll Solution by ADP. If you are on the go a lot, or sometimes even work from home, then this app can make it possible for you to oversee your company’s payroll from a variety of mobile devices. The built in security feature ensures that no one’s sensitive identifying data is vulnerable through the mobile devices you use.

Mobile Benefits by HR Concepts. Make use of this handy app to allow employees to check on the status of their employment benefits from their own mobile devices. From the Mobile Benefits interface, your employees can upload receipts, check their health account balances, view their flexible spending account (FSA) transaction history, and more . . . so that you don’t have to do it for them.

As you can see, there are a number of great ways you can use your iPhone as a personal assistant in the human resources office. Why not try one, or all, of these fantastic iPhone apps?

About the Author: Annitta Lahue loves working in human resources. She uses her iPhone to access her recruitment software, to use organizational apps, and to play the occasional game or two when things are slow.

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  1. Thank you for providing such a comprehensive list of HR Apps, I was somewhat in the dark about these, so your post is both interesting and timely. I was especially interested in the Interview Assistant app (which I’m off to download now). Interview questions are typically done quite poorly, with little regard for structured interview questions in the behavioral description or situational question formats.

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