Technology Checks All Businesses Need to Stay Secure


No matter the size of your business, its security should always be your top priority. A small mom and pop shop can just as easily suffer catastrophic losses from employee theft, break-ins, vandalism, and other security problems as a large corporation. In many cases, the small business owner struggles more after an event. But knowing the right ways to stay secure and keep up with modern technology can be a challenge. Plenty of technology exists to help all business owners protect their investments. Consider adding these four technology checks to stay secure.

Background Check Platform

Many employers come across the “perfect” candidate during the hiring process. The only way to know if your first impression is the right one, is to perform a background check. Several online companies now offer easy-to-use background check platforms where you can effortlessly find out information about an applicant’s history within minutes of the applicant agreeing to the check. Some can even be done with a simple cell phone lookup technology. These platforms are also useful for following up on an existing employee who you are considering for a new position that involves more responsibility.

Computer Security Software


Hackers and thieves love sneaking into business mainframes to wreak havoc or steal important data like identifying details, passwords, and proprietary information. If you are lucky enough to escape hundreds or thousands of dollars in computer repairs, you might still suffer incredible financial losses because of lawsuits from employees who had their identities stolen or competitors who purchased and used your proprietary information. Computer security software, in the form of anti-virus, firewall, safe browsing, and encryption programs can protect you from many types of these attacks. It might cost a bundle up-front, but protecting data should be one of your main priorities for both you and your customers.

Entry Point Scanners

If you have concerns about visitors and employees stealing from you or bringing weapons into your business, consider the addition of entry point scanners. The presence of simple metal detectors alone can deter people from entering the building with weapons. To protect against industrial espionage or even old employees that have grudges, invest in employee badge, driver’s license, or biometric entry point scanners.

Remote Monitoring System

Lastly, you should have an interior/exterior whole-building remote monitoring system that includes motion detectors, cameras, flood lights, and a silent alarm that alerts a remote security team or notifies you by phone of a break-in or other type of security situation. The best system provides remote camera access so that you can see the event as it takes place.

You can protect your business and its financial stability against most types of security risks. All that you need to do is invest today in these few common and effective security technologies.

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