Do Infographics Add Any Value to Content Marketing?


Content marketing is one of the fastest evolving online marketing segments. This is because of the direct impact it has on the audience. Content has changed from being purely textual or graphical to a fusion of the two. What is an infographic? Simply defined, it is a combination of both textual and graphical content elements in a single piece. If you imagine the much information generated daily online, you may be left to wonder if the content you produce stands any chance of attracting readers.

Surprisingly, there are lots of content needs online and not every piece addresses these problems. This is where you stand a chance to create a tribe that you can be able to constantly service with valuable and informative content. Infographics can give your content marketing efforts a boost thus enabling you to grab your audience attention and gaining readership. To be specific, infographics can help you achieve the following:

Enhancement of Brand Awareness

Infographics are designed to include some information about the authors or the business doing the promotion. Emblems such as the logo, email address, phone contact details, and website address can help you to effectively market your brand and increase traffic to your website.

Through infographics, you can go beyond telling people about your products or brand to showing them visually what you really are. This is more rewarding than paragraphs of text.

Increased Chances of Content Virality

Content marketing coupled with visual elements such as graphics and images can generate up to 94% more views compared to simple text. Infographics capitalize on compelling visual content to make them attractive to as many people as possible. It is this appeal that makes infographics shareable within audience networks and circles of influences. This can easily make your content to go viral.

Boost Search Marketing Outcomes

When infographics go viral, the beneficial impact of this is better search marketing results. For you to enjoy exceptional search marketing outcomes from infographics, embed them in your social media channels. There have been cases where other websites use infographics generated by other people and as a credit, they link back to the original site.

This helps you to get lots of quality inbound links from different sites which can significantly boost your search rankings. To make it even better, you can insert your targeted keywords in the meta information, description, and title of your infographic.

Increased Followers and Subscribers

Looking at your Facebook wall and newsfeed, you can get an idea of just how visual content is powerful. Well-designed infographics with interesting pictures and organized text can generate lots of likes, comments, and shares. This can effectively generate more followers and subscribers to your social media pages and even to your website. This can open doors to quality engagement and interaction with your audience.

Understandability of Your Content

Infographics are powerful visual tools that convey relevant information in a clear, brief, and understandable format. According to research, clear and detailed images appeal to over 67% of consumers and this makes it simpler to get the attention and interest.

Therefore, through infographics, you can expand beyond digital marketing and solidify your position as an authority in your business niche.

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