T-Mobile my Touch 4G


T-Mobile my Touch 4G

The T-Mobile My Touch 4G is the very latest addition to the family of my Touch of the very renowned brand, T-Mobile. Showing up the front video camera, which makes it dual cam cell phone with the additions of HSPA+ data speeds and the best quality of video recording in HD, we can easily say that this version of the cell phone is such that we’ve never experienced before and obviously which such specs, it has made an uproar among gadget freaks. We got to know its original name, i.e. myTouch4G as the T-Mobile officially announced.

This mesmerizing cell phone will be rocking the markets just for $200 and that too with a T-Mobiles’ contract of two years. As we have the idea about the casing by using the old my Touch phones, this my Touch 4G will be available in a useful, small, and handy casing for the convenience of all its users, to get all the accessories along with the cell phone in the same casing. The very first thing that a person notices about the cell phone is always the look of it, that’s what we did, and we came to know that this marvelous phone is unique with its stylish look, but it’s not just stylish, its strong as well. It is designed by HTC, and one can easily imagine that it’s a phone with high quality, unlike the other my Touch family phones which are plastic KY.

The phone comes with a beautiful and large 3.8 inch screen for display, which enables the user to easily use its user interface. With the Android 2.2 running in it, we can say that this Touch 4G has a specially made skin which is kind of a mixture of the two, i.e. the HTC Sense and the normal my Touch skin that is used in my Touch Slide. As people who have used Slide knows how convenient it is to modify the phone for professional and personal use using the apps and settings, this amazing option is in my Touch 4G as well. People are impressed with the skin’s customization option in it although there are some features that are quite bothering. Such as what HTC and T-mobiles’ collaboration has done with the interface of the camera of the 4G, the stock Android 2.2 interface enables you to customize settings such as the white balance, the contrast and exposure controls. If we see my Touch 4G, it automatically does it for you, which means no customizability. This is not a problem, but it can clearly show what customized skins can do to the features in stock.

T-Mobile named the cell phone as 4G on the basis of the connection speeds that can be seen on the phone which are competitive with the 4G network market, but the phone itself works on the 3G HSPA+ network of T-Mobile which may want T-Mobile to get a pass for the name. However, a number of people found out that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is really working and is capable of beating 4G speeds.

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