Why It’s Important That We Continue To Improve Technology


Since the days of our forefathers, several scientist, scholars and inventors have applied their unrelenting energy and knowledge to satisfy our insatiable need for a better tackling of occurring problems. Thanks to technology, the current world is now described as a small interconnected community.

Why It's Important That We Continue To Improve Technology

Better Health Care Facilities

Technology has led to a breakthrough in research and treatments. In the past, a new disease would wipe away dozens of people before its cure is attained but due to current technology, blood sampling, identification and elimination of the pathogens are being done in all hospitals. MRI scans enable better viewing of our internal organs and killing of malicious cells. Diseases are still the leading factor of human’s mortality rate thus; we have to continually improve the technology.

Effective Communication

Communication is something that has changed drastically over the years. Contacting a person is now only a matter of dialing or clicking, but still various technical factors like poor networks make it mandatory to improve the technology more. There are many things being done today to continue to improve the way we communicate with each other, and the amount of time it takes.

Improved Decision-making

Use of crude tools leads to unreliable, inaccurate results. Improved technology has made the analysis equipment to be more precise in their measurements and hence there results. In scientific labs, chemicals being handled are sometimes dangerous, and only top notch equipment can be relied upon. Using electric mixers in a laboratory setting is just one example of the benefits of improved technology.

Safe and Faster Means of Traveling

The thought that people used to walk many miles throughout the day usually baffles our 20th-century kids. This is all attributed to the rapid innovation during the 19th century. Electric trains, supersonic jets and GPS technology has led to a fast and comfortable means of traveling. The fact that we can still travel at a faster speed begs for an improved technology.

Better Business Performance

For partners’ communication, video conferencing is the only way when they are miles away. For a company’s effective workforce, use of up to date machines and better monitoring facilities like CCTV leads to good performance.

Continuing to improve technology can result in many benefits, including improved healthcare, faster communication and more jobs. These are just a few examples of how technology has made an impact over the years.

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