Space Settlers: Hidden Gem of Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy Game for iOS Users


Ever since Digiarty launched Space Settlers on Apple App store, people have been drooling over this free online Sci-Fi RTS game worldwide as it makes full use of the flexibility and power of iOS devices like iPhone iPad iPod. This free multiplayer game is a rock solid entertainment option and delivers a smash hit in the online game industry in RTS genre, which is attributed to the game’s perfect balance, innovative game mode, polished interface as well as its splendid graphics.


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The storyline is closely related with dark matter, an important discovery from Scientist Hawking. As the dark matter possesses the world’s most powerful energy that exists in the form of crystal, human being has been always wondering this fascinating matter. In this online iPhone game, Space Settlers offers Terra as the place with abundant of resources and technological remains, attracting people to open up the treasures left by the ancient people.

Space Settlers ticks all usual boxes when it comes to an RTS game, you collect resources, build a base, strengthen yourself with powerful weapons and chariots, establish or join a legion, and then destroy your enemy and conquer fortresses. By updating itself with a brand-new game mode, PVE maps, more advanced accessories and weapons, etc, Space Settlers makes it more unique and outstanding, which serves up even more incredible amounts of variety, from the fast-paced and multifaceted battle to the competitive and tightly balanced multiplayer, thus all making this superb real-time strategy gaming experience enjoyable. Even with must-needed variety embedded on this multiplayer game, you can still witness a much easy interface on this iPhone game.


When playing this online Sci-Fi game on iPhone iPad, you would also thumb up for its brilliant graphics. To be specific, its vivid picture and godlike audio will definitely bring you a big visual feast while indulging yourself in it. All in all, this intriguing game for iPhone iPad keeps throwing ceaseless challenge, variety and surprise to you all the time.

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