Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC (black) Review


Sony, in the year 2010 has come up with the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC upgrading the previous model of their reader PRS-600 that was found to have many flaws. Although, it looks much like its previous edition, the Sony Reader PRS-650BC is faintly trimmed and comes with two additional features: the higher contrast E Ink Pearl display and a touch screen interface. It is available in both red and black colors in the market with a price of $230.

What is great about this touch reader is that it weighs 7.58 ounces and a compact measure of 6.61 inches tall by 4.68 inches wide by 0.38 inch thick. Therefore, its compactness, firmness and light weightiness make it a preferable device for users over other readers. It is much more touch responsive than its other previous editions, well thanks to the E Ink Pearl display which resolves any problems or issues of brightness or contrast and makes this reader by Sony an ideal tool for e-readers.

The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC ensures a faster performance than that of its previous editions; it has a built in memory of 2 GB which can store nearly 1,200 e-books for a reader. Users can opt for more memory by making use of the SD slot and the Memory Stick expansion slot. One of the best things about this reader is that it has a great battery life, allowing users to read for 2 weeks on a single charged battery.

This reader also supports EPUB e-book standard which is rare in e-readers, along with supporting PDF, Microsoft Word and Adobe Digital Edition files. Also, users can relax and stop worrying about the file formats as this reader can view JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG image files. Not only this, music lovers or audio lovers can also get startled as this e-reader can support MP3 and AAC audio files, emitting sound with the help of its standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

The users might love this new touch edition of the Sony reader but they would be taken aback a little after finding out that it does not have Wi-Fi or 3G wireless means. A user cannot download e-books going online but will have to use a USB connection to download books. Another con of this reader is that it has no protective cover included; hence the risk of its vulnerability to damage increases. Also the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC is extra costly than E Ink Kindle or Nook Models, which is going to have buyers give a second thought.

However, after balancing the pros and cons of this reader, it is evident that it has more pros than cons and hence suitable for users. Ardent fans of Sony will love to buy this new edition. No wonder, the new edition of the Sony Reader is slick, impressive and attractive with a touch responsive and glaring interface. It also has a drawback of not having wireless connectivity at the price offered!

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