Sony Bravia KDL-32BX300


Sony Bravia KDL-32BX300

A small and affordable TV having LCD based display technology, released in the year 2010 and still selling. Affordable because it is the least expensive in its series, has 3.7 inches panel depth and cloaked speakers. The usual rectangular shape is once again used for this TV and is tainted black. Never the less being stylish was a major factor in its sales. In 2010 it was and is still is a good choice for a small personal bedroom TV. The thickness of the panel is due to the cloaked speakers. Its screen is Matte finish and it also has individual memories per unit.

There is a power conserve mode, also being small is responsible for its power consumption being very less compared to other TVs. With the Eco menu you can choose from 3 different types of power saving. The setup has no LED backlight but that does not affect the display much. With up to 9 different display modes, 2 point color temperature control and the big cinema button on the remote control provides pure entertainment. Another feature is sound only mode in which, as sounds by its name, picture turns off and only audio is available. The TV has 60 Hz refresh rate and is 1080 pixels compatible thus its picture quality almost matches to those of higher price TV sets. Via remote you can access the shortcut using short keys let alone 41 other keys. There are a lot of options in the menu and the whole menu appears o the screen by just a push of a button. You can bookmark you channels or remember them via these menus, provided that you have either cable or an antenna.

The sound quality is about average and the whole thing is very easy to set up due to the TV being light in weight and easy to configure. The image quality is superb with HDMI and the set also sharpens up the image by fixing the interferences in the cable or antenna. A DVD player can also be connected to the TV by making use of the video cables. Fie tuning provides a better and clear image while the contrast and brightness are also very good compared to other TVs in similar price range.

The TV is, however, not 3d compatible and does not support USB any type of wireless connections. There is no networking or internet service available. CMS, color management system, is not present in the menu and no light sensors are inclusive. The only manual is the book or a paper copy with the TV and no on-screen help of manual is available. DVD mode does not work with all DVDs and DVD players. There is no RF or IR control and no details in TV menus. Dash of deep colored regions is seen on the screen. Also there is not any type of USB connection option.

For a small TV it is good specially because it is affordable and stylish which means it looks more expensive than it really is. All basic features are served but in this age extra features like internet and USB access are must for entertainment if it can be afforded.

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