4 Hot Plasma TVs To Buy


4 Hot Plasma TVs To Buy

Plasma TV were the first ever flat screen TVs to arrive in the markets about 10 years before and during this time further improvements have been made to the technology. Today these Plasma TVs have a longer life and an increased durability. Though generally they are not available in the size less than 42 inch, and mostly have an excellent image quality which is better than LCD quality. Though this is a debatable topic but not meant for such a place. Regarding the starting the following features 4 brilliant TVs of similar kind that one must buy.

Samsung PND8000

4 Hot Plasma TVs To Buy

To start off the Samsung PND8000 are a good choice because of their excellent display quality. Some say that these have the most accurate colors that they have ever seen in a TV. They say so because it displays a uniform plasma image and handles bright rooms well also it has marvelous 3D quality. The TV comes with 2 pair of 3D specs, a built in Wi-Fi and a wide range display controls. Via Smart Hub portal more and more apps can be used and also the functioning web browser ads further to the contraption. The PND8000 series has the design which is among most attractive features of plasma we’ve seen. However, this is handsomely expensive and can’t produce a full shadow or proper 1080 pixel detail other than compromising some performance. The Smart hub does not support Amazon and its search is very poor adding to that its interface can be very confusing sometimes. Still the TV does what it is suppose to do and does it very well indeed. So taking in account the overall best performance, features and an attractive design the TV gains the right to be bought.

Panasonic TC-PVT30

4 Hot Plasma TVs To Buy

Up next is The Panasonic TC-PVT30 which has an excellent overall display quality. It can display 1080 pixels and handles bright rooms very well, gives nearly a perfect and uniform plasma display and a very sharp 3D image quality. It comes with a 3D pair of specs and also has a Wi-Fi dongle. Though the internet is quite simple but full of content and overall the set has an elegant style which speaks for itself. Yet it is quite expensive and recently the company has lost black-level performance in the markets and the critics are at it. It is less efficient and uses more power than a LCD TV also other TVs can provide a better image in the same or a slightly higher price range. Still when it comes to over all performance it is definitely one of the top 5 TVs of the current year.

Panasonic TC-PGT30

4 Hot Plasma TVs To Buy

In the end let us have a glance at another Panasonic product, the Panasonic TC-PGT30 which has an excellent overall display quality, with good video processor and detailed coloring through out. However, the display has a flaw and sometimes the black and gray levels fluctuate and also bad gamma that sometimes disturbs the shadow. However it can handle bright levels well and this makes it a good product to buy.

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