The Internet Of Things Is Here – Start Prepping Up Your SEO Strategies To Stay Afloat


Are you ready to face the online marketing shake-up that’s coming in the shape of smart home technology or that which has currently evolved into a huge concept called the Internet of Things (IoT)? In reality, smart home technology has been around since the 1960s but it was then called a luxury option for the wealthy homeowners but times have changed now. Today, all sorts of electronic devices starting from thermostats to door lock systems are Wi-Fi enabled. Hence we can say that the term Internet of Things is nothing but a new name given to a pretty old concept which many of us are accustomed with. With the smart home, welcome an entire world which is interconnected with smart residential devices that are designed to make our lives simpler, more productive and constantly connected to high speed internet.

Internet of Things

The IoT has been in the news due to the huge acquisition of Google with the home control company Nest Inc. for $3.2 billion which marked a gigantic leap in the entire smart home industry. If Google had an idea about what their customers want, then there wouldn’t have been paid ads showing up on the smart devices of the company. It clearly implies that people are either leveraging unpaid services or they’re performing too many Google searches. This is where smart devices in the IoT get engaging for the SEO marketers.

A Word of Caution for SEO Professionals

The SEO professionals are very soon about to realize the need of optimizing their strategies for smart devices or the Internet of Things. In any way, there will be a new set of devices which will be interconnected through the internet and Google will definitely be there! Search would no longer be the main function of a smart refrigerator or a smart thermostat but in case you wished to search a recipe in Google when cooking in your kitchen, you can just tap on the browser which is available near the refrigerator that is there near you.

This will definitely change SEO. Once there is enough number of people who own smart devices, mobile and desktop won’t only be the only 2 realms that the search engine marketers would require worrying about. Residential realm will be the other one that they have to think of.

Residential SEO – A Few Predictions on the Changes

Here are just a few ways that the experts think SEO will change after the Internet of Things hits the industry and homes become ‘smart’! Check them out.

  • Value of psychographic data will boost: Even though your business won’t be affected directly by the Internet of Things, you may still utilize the data which residential SEO will offer you. You can track and monitor each and every aspect of your organization, from catering to orders on time to interacting with customers in real time. Market research gathered from residential SEO can be utilized by you.
  • Local search will become necessary: It will no longer be possible to get any more local than getting inside someone’s residence. When someone is looking for places to buy groceries, they won’t go far from home. In short, they are searching for things locally for the services they need. With shorter screens and smart devices, people wouldn’t be interested in reading too much content. This will make local directories gain momentum.

Only time can tell how the IoT will develop and have an impact on every part of our lives. The most vital to remember is to keep each and every smart device in mind. Residential SEO may not become mainstream soon but you can definitely start preparing yourself.

Johnny has written this article and he is a web enthusiast and a blogger. His favorite topic is technology and he loves to make his readers aware of the different new technologies that are going to hit the market soon. Apart from being a blogger, he is also a great communicator.

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