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You can also try to find out your eyes’ grade through the MIT low key Netra Near Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment contraption. Your phone will have an attachment of a plastic lens and then will run red and green lines on the screen that your eyes need to align to.  After that, you will see the results and you have just prescribed yourself the grade of your lenses for your glasses.

With the 21st century looming into us, doctors are now getting ready to soon include mobile apps and other accessories to individuals as a part of their medicines and treatment.

The traditional stethoscope may even be replaced with a digital one just like the ThinkLabs ds32a that comes with a very functional iPhone app.

Doctors can also take an ultrasound taste on their patients using a MobiUS SP1 ultrasound that can be connected to an iPhone.

ECG measurements can also be taken on the go through the iPhone accessory that is fashioned in the form of a phone case.

There is also an Android app under development right now that will enable smart phones to help in recording and analyzing one’s heart rhythm.

Tablets as healthcare assistants

Tablets are considered one of the best inventions of our time. The medical field is now catching up by using tablets as the medical professionals do their rounds, check on the patients, review diagnostics, and just keep abreast with the latest in medicine. The tablet has been a perfect replacement for the charts and reference that they need to carry around.

iOS is the most preferred platform for medical professionals. Remember Dr. John Halamka who utilized the iPad2 by showing the patient images of his internals?  This is surely the way “the iPad will change the way doctors practice medicine.”

There are about 80% of physicians in the United States who carry around smart phones with them.  There are about 30% of them who carry tablets such as BlackBerry PlayBook, Android tablets like HTC EVO View 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note, and other brands of tablets too.

Furthermore, tablets are actually replacing books in some big medical schools and mobile apps are paving the way for changes in the curriculum. For example, Yale University is providing an iPad2 with keyboard to their 520 first year students. On the other hand, Harvard is developing their own medical apps.

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