Samsung Galaxy S Aviator Review


The Samsung Galaxy S Aviator is one of the first cell phones offered in the 4G LTE category by US cellular networks. The design of this cell phone indicates that it is a variant of the Samsung Droid Charge by Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy S Aviator

What’s good about it?

This phone has a great display enhanced by a 4.3 inch Super Amoled plus screen. The size and the quality of the screen make the display of the phone very lively. The screen will hold its own place even if it is compared to the HD Super Amoled screen of Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The phone comes with a decent 8 megapixel built in camera which makes taking quality pictures on the go very easy. The LED flash helps take pictures in dark setting. The front camera is 1.3 megapixels which is decent for face time conversation but not as good as Samsung SII’s 2 megapixel front facing camera.

The build quality of the phone can very rightly be categorized as attractive. The built of the phone enables an easy grip on it. Fingers of the user have easy access to the power button and the volume control. The access to the SIM card is also quite convenient. Unlike most phones, the battery doesn’t have to be taken out to insert the SIM card. The battery cover of the phone is of matt finish material which is resistant to fingerprints.

In addition to the built in headphone jack the phone can also be connected to monitors and HDTV screens using its HDMI port.

What is bad about it?

The 4G of the phone when tested falls short of giving a decent performance as US cellulars’ LTE network is fairly restricted for the phone to function in more than a few places.

The CPU of the phone is single core which is quite slow. The speed of 1 GHz that the processor has doesn’t cut the mustard especially with the other cell phones being offered with much more advanced processors. The hummingbird processor used in Aviator is obsolete. The internal memory is not sufficient for the phone to provide a speedy performance.

The videos taken from the phone are of acceptable quality. They do not hold true to the kind of quality a 1080p HD boasts about.


The phones has a Super Amoled Plus display, running on single core Samsung Hummingbird processor with the speed of 1 GHz. The phone has Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system which provides a decent Android experience. The app tray shows some useful pre-installed apps like Google, YouTube, Samsung’s weather widget, Playbooks and Talk. The media hub app is also pre-installed, telling the user about the latest blockbuster movies.


Although it is a 4G LTE phone, its 4G cannot be verified because of the carrier’s limited network coverage. The display and camera makes the money spent worth it. However, the use of outdated processor taints the performance of the phone.

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