Review of Gateway SX2840-01


Review of Gateway SX2840-01

Pros: This is a good and compact PC which provides a high CPU performance and it also has an amazing external expanding capacity.

Cons: Though the external expansion is very good the internal expansion is very limited and it has a low quality 3D graphics performance.

This is quite a good PC which is very quiet and it provides an amazing performance for its value. it is a great option to choose for those who are not going to play 3D games on this system since it is very poor.

The main specifications are what many would be interested in and here they are; the processor is an Intel Core I3 530 with 2.93 GHz speed. The memory if 6 GB and the hard drive storing capacity is 1 terabyte which is quite a large one. There is DVD and RW optical drives and one downside for some might be that it does not come with a monitor. The graphics is an integrated on which is Intel GMA. Lastly the OS is Windows 7.

In the past year Gateway has actually surprised its followers with their SX 2840 01 at a bargain. Though it possesses a different processor than its competitors, it still is a high speeded system which is a way ahead the rivals. the highly responding performance, enormous capacity of the hard drive and all the other features make this system a great one to check by those who are not planning on making some upgrading on their system.

Visually this PC has a plain design however it can still catch great attention with is mainly black case and some glossy plastic front parts which home the DVD drive and the other ports of expansion. The size is 14 x 7 x 20 inches and it is a great one to place beside the desk.

There is a flipping down panel at front which has 5 USB, and 1 Fire Wire port and flash card readers and some audio jacks and also there are 4 more USB ports at the back.

It is not possible to add some extra space since the 4 RAM slots are already used up with the current 6GB RAM. The PCI slots are the only internal expanding option that is available. The interiors are quite overcrowded and unless you are going to add expanding card there is no reason to open the case of the system.

All in all the Gateway AX 2840 01 is a very good one since it is highly powerful and since it is priced at $559 it is easily affordable.

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