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All You Need To Know About Cute FTP


All You Need To Know About Cute FTP

The FTP programs are able to add more energy as files are being uploaded on to the server. The CuteFTP is very simple and reliable and competes with other brands such as the Global Scape’s and the Mac.

The CuteFTP is endowed with certain features such as two windows that indicate the directory located in the computer and that located on the server. The files are easily copied and pasted on another pane by dragging. There is a third window that is situated at the top and which gives details on the current function ability and activities taking place. Available is a site manager that works to ensure it keeps memory of all the logins and the passwords used and this makes it easy for the user to get information on logins and passwords. The CuteFTP is able to come up with new directories and rename and also delete the older remote files.

GlobalSCAPE came up with another version of the CuteFTP called the Mac OSX which is rather alike with the version of Windows. It has similar panes with the windows version. This concept can be utilized on the ordinary PC with an exception of the Mac whereby it is very easy and convenient to drag from the directory located on the local hard disk or on the desktop straight to the pane that is representative of the server.

The OSX version is not able to locate some websites. An error message can be displayed at times which is very uncommon with the windows version. The Cute FTP can be categorized as a beta version and is priced at $19.99 and it has a lot of competition.

CuteFTP has competitors such as the Transmit which retails at £24.95 and is of a higher class an commonly the preferred choice for the Mac users. The other brand is the Interarchy which retails for $ 45 and is commonly referred to as the standard version of windows for the CuteFTP but is targets stronger users. In case one requires more advanced security then they can go for the CuteFTP pro that retails at $ 69.99

The CuteFTP is available with a free trial for thirty days and it is worth the try. More so the offer comes with 30 day money refund in case it does not work well for you.

There is very much doubt that the Mac version of CuteFTP is going to prove as popular as the original Windows version but try it out for yourself. In addition to the free 30 days trial, there’s a further 30 days money back guarantee.


Features red bar85%
Ease of Use yellow bar85%
Value for Money green bar90%
‘Must Have’ Factor blue bar95%
Manufacturer GlobalSCAPE
Price Windows: from $39.99. Mac beta: $19.99
Summary A good choice for windows users but faces competition from Mac

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