Coupons: A Tool To Increase Buyers’ Incentive


What is a Coupon?

A coupon generally provides discount, extra service or any other associated feature to the product. It is usually a piece of paper, a card or an electronic code that is either given to you as part of a promotional campaign or can be bought in advance for use in a predetermined time window.

Why do Companies Offer Coupons?

A coupon, usually, is a win-win situation for both the customer and the company. It provides you a chance to buy the product you want and avail special discount or service, while the company gets an opportunity to boost its sales and gain customer’s trust. Take example of, they enable you to buy your favorite product on discounted rate.


E-commerce and Coupon Codes

With e-commerce revolutionizing the retail industry the world over, and all major brands adjusting to conduct their business online, traditional marketing practices have also altered with the trend. With so many retail websites on the radar, competition in e-commerce is more than ever. These ‘websites’ are fighting tooth and nail for market share and attract customers to buy their products.

Among different marketing techniques used to expand online business, one is ‘coupon codes’. A coupon code is a virtual version of a ‘paper coupon’. Online stores give these coupons, so that, you get an incentive buying from them. For instance, Best Buy is one of the biggest online stores, which offers Best Buy coupon codes that can be redeemed by buying online from their store or any affiliated company website.

How Does a Coupon Code Work?

As mentioned above, when it comes to online shopping, companies use coupon codes as a substitute for traditional coupons. A coupon code is a cipher made of letters or numbers. All you need to do is visit the online store and browse to the shopping cart checkout page. There, in most cases, you will find a promotional box; enter the code and you’re eligible to avail the perks offered on the coupon.

Types of Coupon Codes

A variety of incentives are given by companies to their customers through coupons. For example, on a Best Buy deal, you get monetary exemptions on the product price. Another typical incentive given by companies is free shipping, i.e. you use the coupon, order the product using your coupon code and it shall be delivered to your place, for free.

The coupon is an effective and tried method of marketing, and often initiates the first buy. If you purchase some products for a couple of times from the same site because of a special discount or incentive offered, it is very likely that you may return, even if there isn’t any special deal.

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