HP TouchSmart 600-1155 – A Whole New Way of Looking at Touch PCs


HP TouchSmart 600-1155 – A Whole New Way of Looking at Touch PCs

From the stylish design to the sophisticated features to the exceptionally great set of built-for-touch software, HP’s TouchSmart 600-1155 is an example of what touch has to offer and how it can make life easy and hassle-free. With this makeover of HP from its older version, the HP TouchSmart 600, the internals are way far from your expectations.

The selling price starts at $1,799, but with this pricier version, you just can’t get enough of the wide array of modems and connectors this unit brings.

The Design:

HP TouchSmart 600-1155 – A Whole New Way of Looking at Touch PCs

The unit is mainly covered with shiny black plastic.

TouchSmart is enclosed in a shiny black plastic framework with silver colored sidings. The stereo speakers are surrounding the base of the frontage. The Webcam and microphones are positioned at the top of the display. The unit comes with the following dimensions: 2.8” x 23” x 17.8” & weighs 21 pounds.

The Screen:

HP TouchSmart 600-1155 – A Whole New Way of Looking at Touch PCs

The large touch – screen produces beautiful colors.

The screen is a 23” multi – touch programmed display with a built in resolution of 1,920X1,080. When viewing movies, the colors are crisp and vivid.  The viewing angle is quite impressive, as there were no strains and the reflections are kept to a minimum. The 1080p LCD display makes gaming quite an entertainment.

Ports and Connectors:

HP TouchSmart 600-1155 – A Whole New Way of Looking at Touch PCs

Plenty of ports are found around the frame.

The TouchSmart houses numerous useful ports for all the connections you need. There are 6 USB ports and a 6 – formatted card reader. To connect through the net, you can find a GB Ethernet port and an 802.11b/g/n WLAN port. For a superb audio and video access, an S/PDIF audio – out and a couple of audio line – in sockets are also featured. There is also a headphone jack and a coaxial video–in/IR – blaster socket to utilize the incorporated HDTV tuner.

Key Specs:

TouchSmart 600 – 1155 is run by a Intel’s powerful 4–core 1.6GHz Core i7–720QM processor. An extremely 6GB DDR3 SD RAM and 1TB HD makes this unit more competitive and a huge upgrading to the older version. An advantage for gamers is the Nvidia GeForce GT320M GPU which can handle high definition quality games. TouchSmart operates on Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 – bit version. A pre – installed Blue – ray player and a DVD RW burner resulted brilliant and brusque colors.

Software Inclusion:

TouchSmart included various applications that go with the package price. Although, these were also present in its older version like the Netflix and Recipe Box. A new application called Paint It! has been added to let you create, edit and modify photos. Roxio CinemaNow application lets you watch movies borrowed or bought from the CinemaNow store.

With this gorgeous and outstanding technology developed by HP, computing with just a touch of the screen will be a whole new experience for those who need PCs that do not go out of place. With all these stuff the TouchSmart 600 – 1155 have, consumers will get a new way of looking at touch PCS.

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