Review On AOMEI Backupper


Today we got a new freeware in site, AOMEI Backupper, designed for data backup and recovery.

Let’s have a look at this program:


1. Backup

In the home page, click “+” to start backup; then in the next window, we can see three branches: Disk Backup, Partition Backup and System Backup. Choose what we need. Since I’d like to do a partition backup, I’ll select the second one to start; Then decide the destination path; Click “Start Backup”

2. Restore

We can see what we just done in the “Home” bar. At the foot of the small column, we can see three options: Restore, Backup and Advanced. Click “Restore”, then select a backup time point and click  “Next”

Another way to restore: On the left of the interface, choose “Restore” directly, click a time point and “Next”; the next windows is to decide the source and destination place, then click the final “Next” to restore.

At last, there will be a confirm page of Disk size, click “Start Restore”.

Note? the data on destination disk will be overwritten. Backup previous is needed.

3. Clone

In the “Clone” page, there are two options: Partition Clone and Disk Clone.

As for the Disk Clone, this function is specially designed for new disks available. Choose Disk Clone, we can see the entire disk listed out. Then select Source and Destination Disk to see the confirm page. Hit “Start Clone”

4. Utilities

There are 3 tools in this page: Check Image; Create Bootable Media; Explore Image

Check image” is to assure successful data recover. If errors are found during the process, recovery becomes incomplete. So, by using this tool, errors can be modified in time and recovery will go smoothly.

Create bootable Media:  This tool helps to create bootable CD/DVD-R/RW disc or USB drive. In next window, we can see two options: Linux and Windows PE.

u  For Linux: Click “Next” to specify storage media: Burn to CD/DVD; Explore ISO file. Wait for the process for a while and the Click “Finish”

u  For Windows PE: The steps are almost the same as up-mentioned, but Windows AIK may need to install. AIK, Windows Automated Installation Kit, is a set of tools to configure and deploy operating system to new hardware. That is to say, customize our own OS.

Explore Image: The main purpose of this tool is to check out what is in the backup file, so as to choose particular ones to target disk. That is, Selective File Restore.

In the end, I would like to share my experience on this whole backup journey. Although I listed all the functions and tools in this software, it’s not that simple AOMEI did in their work. AOMEI tries every effort to simplify interface and user experience. To sum up, we can say that to do backup is just a piece of cake. You can download it here.

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