4 Easy Ways To Slash Your Cell Phone Costs


In today’s tough economic climate, people are having to make savings anywhere they can. As food costs rise and wages drop, it can sometimes be tough to pay your bills every month. These days, almost everyone has a cell phone. Although many see their mobile connectivity as a crucial part of their life, the reality is that you could save a lot of money by either getting rid of it, or altering how you use it.

Don’t fall for the latest phone trends

As well as being useful, phones have almost become a fashion accessory. Many see their smart phone as an extension of their style and as a way to impress friends and look cool – but they’re paying a premium for the privilege. Many cell phone providers offer these fancy new phones for free – but you’ll end up more than paying for them when you include the cost of monthly bills.

Buying a smart phone without a service plan can be expensive, and that’s because they’re costly items. When you realise that the calls included in your package cost next to nothing, you’ll see that you’re really paying a high monthly cost because you’re simply paying for your “free” phone over a number of months.

To really save on your mobile phone bill, go for a cheaper model. If you’ve got an old phone that still works, you could get a cheaper service plan by keeping it rather than paying extra for a new phone.

Make sure your plan is right for you

These days, monthly service plans offer all sorts of extras. You can get unlimited free minutes, free sms messages, and free bandwidth for data connectivity. Make sure you only choose a plan that’s right for how you intend to use the phone. It’s all very well having free bandwidth, but if you’re not going to use the phone online – you don’t need it. It’s not actually “free” anyway, the cost is simply absorbed by the monthly line rental fee.

You also need to make sure that you’re aware of any extra costs. if you go over your “free” minutes, any extra you use could be very costly.

Don’t pay for insurance if you don’t need it

Many phone providers try and get you to sign up to all sorts of extras when you start your contract. Be very careful, and don’t get tricked into paying for anything you don’t need. While additional phone insurance might seem useful, you need to weight it up with the chance of actually needing to use it – most people find they rarely do. Also, what many phone salespeople forget to tell you is that you’re phone is probably covered by your home insurance – sometimes when you aren’t even at home.

Get a free phone from the Government

If you’re really struggling to make payments, you might be entitled to a free cell phone and calls from the Lifeline Assistance scheme. Those already receiving federal aid, in the form of programs like Food Stamps and Medicaid, might be eligible to a free cell phone and calls. Although not available in very state, the scheme is growing and aims to provide as many free cell phones as possible. Check if you qualify today.

One of the best ways to save money on your monthly bills is by getting a free cell phone from the Government. Find out more at

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