Review: iPad’s CheckPlease App


Review: iPad’s CheckPlease AppJust when you think your done reviewing tip calculators for iPad, you’re not.  Tip calculators are one of those applications that you don’t have to have two of, your usually happy with the one you have.  The app I was originally happy with was BigTipper app for iPhone and I was expecially impressed with the designs use interface. Usually, an iPad also wouldn’t seem like something I would bring into a restaurant with me to find tip percentages.  But I was wrong. I actually tend to bring it with me when I eat lunches solo or with others for business meetings. Most of the time I just have to use my head or my iPhone to figure out what I owe as a tip. It really isn’t brain surgery.  It’d great to exact numbers based on the percentage of what I paid rather than the estimated amount of the tax when it’s rounded up. A lot of the Tip Calculator that are out on the market have really bad looking interfaces and miss a lot of features which a person like me would like to have.  When researching something like a tip calculator I want to make sure it has every area of calculating I would need before making a purchase.  I was thinking about maybe purchasing a tip calculator when I attended my last lunch meeting.  I’s rather have a native application on my iPad rather than the BigTipper calculator from my iPhone. Having the application looking pleasing to the eye is something important to me on my iPad as well because of its size.

CheckPlease Does More Than Just What I Need It To Do

Since there have been many different unfortunate mess-ups on the old tip calculators (like defaulting on text to an alphabetic keyboard)  I was happy to see that they incorporated all the good things like easy entering, the option to not tip on tax, rounding up or down on dollar amounts and a percentage that can be easily adjusted. Plus, the user interfacing looks fantastic on the app.  A lot of people don’t split the bill, but even if they don’t, they would still like to see it available to them on their app, which in this case, it is.  I wouldn’t be doing this review unless it had everything I was looking for.  But there is one thing I was surprised to find on the application that I can definitely use.  If you have things like gift cards and coupons, you can enter it into the app as well. This happened to me recently when I had a gift card that I was using on a dinner out with some friends.  I had to pay a difference because the total amount of the dinner overlapped the amount of the gift card. Although it seems confusing to do in your head, its simple to do on the app. You want to make sure that the waitress receives full payment for her (hopefully) hard work and is shown to you correctly on the iPad screen after gift cards and coupons have been deducted (but included) in the total. Even though this little addition to the app may seem trivial to others, it was a really impressive addition to me because I’d never seen it before.  You can also use the CheckPlease app with the application PocketMoney. I personally don’t use the PocketMoney application.  One thing I liked about BigTipper was that it kept a list of my transactions which would be nice if CheckPlease incorporated that change as well.  This application has really worked great for me!

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