Recover Lost/Forgotten MS Office Password with Efficient Office Password Recovery Software


In our day to day working of MS Office, we often encounter situations like MS Office file corruption due to force quit, virus attack, shutting down the computer while Office application is open, any other wrong operations, and so on. But, has anyone ever faced a dilemma of losing the password of MS Office file? People do face this situation and as MS Office does not provide any inbuilt password recovery utility and due to their lack of knowledge about third-party Office password recovery software, they think that they have lost their precious files forever, which is not true! Recovery of lost or forgotten passwords of MS Office files is possible through Office password recovery tool available online.

Forgotten MS Office Password with Efficient Office Password Recovery Software

Let us exemplify the devastating situation of password loss of precious MS Office file. Mike, a back office executive, maintains various records of inventory management of an organization in MS Excel. For protecting all his crucial quarterly reports, he applies different passwords to them. Another day when he was trying to open a report of previous quarter, encountered an error which asks him to provide correct password to open this file. The situation was very troublesome as he was not able to provide the exact password.

At this situation and all the situations of this kind in which you have lost or forgotten passwords to open your precious MS Office files, opting for third-party password recovery software is a must so that you can easily get back the accessibility of your data. Reliable MS Office password recovery software, uses advanced Office password recovery techniques such as Brute Force attack that guarantees the recovery of password. If you remember some parts of the password of your MS Office file then you can for sure narrow down the password search process of these tools.

One of the finest tools to recover MS Office password is Stellar Phoenix Office Password Recovery. With all the above mentioned features, this software provides an internal dictionary which stores the passwords which are once recovered by this software, so that if you search the password of the same file for the next time, you will get the result in fraction of seconds. Thus, through the easy to use user interface of this software, you can recover the password of your MS Office file all by yourself. Additionally, the software recovers the files created in MS Office 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and supports Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

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