Protecting the software – The vital importance of escrow


In the computer and technology industry, technology may seem to be a difficult area. Whatever programme and software you use most of the times, you are always dependent on the other software, particularly the ones that do not belong to you. As such, you must be very careful when choosing any kind of software.

This may create great difficulty when you have to be dependent on the software that is not within your control. Usually, you will have to look for a product that can provide you the services as well as solutions you may require for your unpredictable future.

From the legal point of view, this often creates a problem. Are you dependent on a third party software? Well, if so, then you’ll need a suitable way so that you can keep yourself protected in case something goes wrong. After all, if the software you’re dependent on doesn’t seem to work as you had expected, then everything else related to this is ground to a halt.

Protecting Software

License versus ownership – What do you need to know about it?

This is something many software developers will already know. However, it is an important point that is worth repeating. Typically, when you use any software, you are commonly using the license of the product. As such, you don’t own the software or, more specifically, the code. Since you don’t have this vital information, it is not at all possible for you to fix or repair the software on your own.

This is considered to be an important part of the end user agreement that is found in almost all the software. Whilst you only get a license of the software, the software provider has to take proper care with any problem that may be the reason why the software is not working all of a sudden. Thus, it is the responsibility of the software provider and not yours to provide and maintain a working product.

The need of escrow – How can it provide you help?

It is in this situation where utilizing the likes of NCC Group Escrow can help, with dedicated software escrow and verification services. Software escrow works just like any other escrow service. Thus, by putting the software itself in the escrow, both ends of the user agreement can be felt much safer.

Being a user, you can feel protected by knowing that an unbiased third party will be able to give you what you actually need if, by chance, the provider fails in their end user agreement. As the provider or developer, utilizing such escrow services displays a level of confidence and trust, as well as providing an unbiased third party that looks to protect your assets, the source code, where ever it is possible.

In other words, escrow actually creates a level of trust upon which the software, in question, becomes more reliable. This is because the software provider has put some effort to make sure that reliable support will be provided from time to time when it is actually required.

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