Prolong Your Phone Battery’s Life


A lot of us are now very dependent on our gadgets and most of them run on batteries. It is then very important to know how you can let your batteries last a little bit longer than usual.

Turn your phone off when you are not using it, especially when you sleep at night. Some people use their phones as their watches but it will be more economical if you just get a watch, a bedside clock or a wall clock for this purpose. If you have a business phone, turn it off after your hours of work. This will help you conserve more energy from your battery.

If you travel and you are in an area where you just cannot get a signal, you will be better with turning your phone off. However, if you really need to use your phone for its other features, you can simply put your phone on flight mode so that it will stop searching for signal. Should your phone have a hard time picking up signal in a certain place, use a cell phone repeater so that the signal can be amplified and your phone will not find it too difficult to catch a signal, thus conserving your battery.

Use the alert manager feature of your phone. Be conscious about how you want to use the alerts of your phone. If you are in a meeting or if you are watching a movie, then just turn your phone on silent mode. If you are not really expecting something important during that time, turn off the vibrate mode as well. Try to adjust the brightness of the backlight of your phone too, it will save you lots of battery power too.

Keep phone conversations short especially if they are not very important. If you need to talk to someone longer, use the land line or better yet, meet up face to face. If that is not possible, use video calling on your computer. It is better than you have lots of battery power when you need it most to make emergency calls.

Turn off features that you do not use like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and infrared. If you are not using them at that moment, just turn those all off. They consume your battery power quickly.

These are just a few of the many things that you can do to prolong your battery’s life.

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