Profitable Webinar Opportunities – Key Reasons To Host One


Considering that his net worth totaled more than $7.6 million in the spring of 2012, I am inclined to agree with him! One of the way people can profit by using the web is through the use of webinars.

Webinars allow their hosts to build customer bases which leads to the potential for increased sales. Doing business with someone over the internet is often an experience accompanied by feelings of doubt and wariness. A webinar allows you to make a personal connection with your customers which helps solidify your relationship with them.

There are also other reasons why webinars are not only profitable, but also an essential element in increasing sales for your business. It allows you to make the attendees aware of what your webinar offers on a level playing field. It gives them useful information about your product and allows them to learn more about your business without asking anyone to buy into it right away. Here are some other reasons why webinars are a key success factor in today’s business world.

1. It costs less to market a webinar. Even if your business is super small and you have next to nothing in your marketing budget, a webinar is the way to go. Webinars put you on a level playing field with other companies regardless of their size. All you need to host a webinar is a PowerPoint presentation, a headset, and a software program. If you aren’t sure which software is right to you, then consider visiting some review sites and read what they have to say about the different programs. This alone can save the time you’d otherwise spend each company individually.

2. Webinars relieve the face-to-face pressure of sales. When someone is trying to sell me something, I feel very uncomfortable when dealing with them face-to-face. I feel obligated to give them my full attention and even if I do buy into their program, there’s no guarantee that I’ll remain a customer for more than a short time. Because people can view webinars over their personal computer, iPad, or smartphone, they can watch wherever is convenient for them which helps relieve that pressure. In some industries, over 70% of guaranteed buyers admitted to attending a webinar to learn more about the product. They were also more likely to tell someone else about the Webinar and what it advertised.

3. Webinars are more successful over traditional marketing methods. If your business visits a trade show, then you are limited to pitching new products and services to the people who attend the trade show. Direct mail reaches a wider audience but there’s no way to know how much of the literature gets pitched into the garbage without ever being read. But with a webinar, you have the potential to reach people all over the world which could lead to a giant leap in leads,
appointments, and sales.

4. Combine marketing a Webinar with follow-up sales. This relieves some of the pressure off your sales staff. You don’t have to worry about whether or not one of your team isn’t delivering all the information, or delivering it with the foundation of your company’s message or mission statement. Finish the webinar on a high note and then, while the information is fresh in the minds of the attendees, send out a thank you note with an invitation to request more information. As the requests come in, your sales staff can follow up knowing the potential customer is already well-versed about your company’s products and services.

5. Use webinars because the other guys don’t. It’s a sad fact that webinars for profit are one of the most underutilized tools in today’s business world. Some research shows that more than 40% of businesses have never even considered using a webinar to drive their sales, and even more companies, despite learning all the benefits of online conferencing, still won’t take advantage of them. Webinar software can make the process even easier. If you aren’t sure which program will fit your webinar needs, then visit where the reviews are already done, saving you the time and effort it takes to research them
on your own.

Once you make the decision to host a webinar, the process is rather easy. Most software features things like free tutorials to help get you started and IT support for assistance along the way. Outline what information you’d like to share during your event and use it to create a PowerPoint presentation. All that’s left is to set the date and time, and then invite your guests. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting webinars that can potentially generate new leads and drive up sales for your company.

When William Barcelon created Web Conference Classroom, he conducted one video conferencing software review after another to ensure that business owners would be able to communicate with their employees through the use of easy to use, hassle-free webinars. Barcelon and his wife Flo currently live in Woodcroft, a suburb near Blacktown, Australia with Tac, the stray cat that made himself part of their family. Steadfast vegetarians, Barcelon and his wife take a holistic approach to life and study Qi Gong, Eastern philosophy, and spirituality.

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