Panda Cloud Antivirus –Client Server


Panda Cloud Antivirus –client server

Panda securities have released a new panda antivirus technology into the market called the “Panda Cloud Antivirus”. Why cloud? Panda clouds will free up your system resources by lifts the heavy programs that burden your system to the cloud. Panda cloud antivirus introduces a new model of system protection based thin-client agent & server architecture which services malware protection as opposed to locally installed products.

The antivirus uses a cloud technology on its network server to manage and protect your PC other than using your computer resources; this means that instead of installing updates to your computer it networks online to its server database. This takes only a very small resource of your machine that you won’t even notice the presence of an antivirus in your PC.

The installation processes is so easy that you may install the antivirus without noticing, after downloading the panda cloud antivirus .exe just double click the file and there you have it installed. Its interface is pretty much simple that even new users who have little knowledge on antivirus terminologies can navigate through with ease. The interface consists of settings where you can change your internet settings, scan that initiates computer scan, report that sends you protection report and status that gives you a detailed protection status of your computer.

Once you open cloud antivirus a welcome window appears that alerts you whether your PC is safe or not. This morning I was surprised to open my PC only to find a big red icon on the panda cloud welcome window notifying me that my windows firewall is turned off. It’s very efficient in terms of computer protection and resource management. The antivirus works like any other antivirus with the various options of computer scan. You can choose quick scan where the whole system will be scanned or you can opt for custom scan which allows you to select specific files and folders you wish to scan.

When scanning your computer simply go to the main menu and select the scan option, your computer scan starts immediately and after scan is finished it will give you a report of your computer security status. The shortcoming with this software is that during scanning it requires a very high memory allocation that some of the programs running concurrently will seem to drug depending on your system specifications. Panda is an effective alternative of the security powerhouse.

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