Organizational Tips For Your Computer-Related Small Business


Small businesses in general face many organizational difficulties, but it can be especially challenging to quell the junky bedlam at computer-related companies. Here are a few tips for keeping your techy office clutter from turning into out and out chaos.


It may sound obvious, but the first thing you have to do to organize your office space is to get rid of any unnecessary items. Throw out those old, broken PCs, unidentified chargers and tangled cords. You’ll probably be surprised by how much better your space looks already.

Out with the Old, in with the New

For anything left after your purge, consider whether you’re truly using it or if you’ve hung onto it because it seemed mildly valuable. Sell any parts you can and buy new, updated versions if necessary.

Organizational Tips For Your Computer-Related Small Business

Like goes with Like

Now it’s time for the actual organizing. Establish separate zones in your office space depending on the activities you conduct most. This might mean a separate area for files, one for supplies and one for reference materials, in addition to your desk or other primary workspace. Then start moving the materials that belong in each section to the proper spots: files into file cabinets, scissors and tape dispensers into your supply closet, etc. For smaller items, consider placing a few bins on the shelves of your storage racks and filling them with easily lost odds and ends.

Make Friends with your Label Maker

Remember that label maker you bought a few years ago? Now’s the time to finally realize your intention to label everything in your office — from your treasured stapler to the shelves in your supply closet. The more clearly everything is labeled, the more likely it is that things will end up back in their designated spots.

Organize your Drawers

Now that you’ve tamed the most immediately visible chaos in your office, it’s time to tackle the less-visible: the insides of your drawers. Follow the same steps above, and consider investing in some drawer dividers to keep everything from melding into one giant cluster of USB cords, pens and paper clips.

Taking the time to organize and de-clutter a space can bring a new clarity and focus to your work, which can in turn lead to greater success for your business. Follow the above steps to bring a sense of organized calm to your office space — and your business as a whole.

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