Nokia Ovi Store Crosses 2 Million Daily Download Mark


Cell phone giant, Nokia has always been a mega hit as far as cellphone market is considered. About a year and half back, Nokia launched its famous application store with the name of Nokia Ovi Store. On Monday, the Company announced that Nokia Ovi Store is getting quite big with almost 2.3 Million downloads daily. Nokia said in a press release that the numbers of Nokia phone customers across the globe are approximately around 140 Million and out of these users a staggering number of 200,000 users are signing up on Nokia’s Application Store that is Ovi Store on daily basis.

Nokia also noted that among the publishers and the developers who create Mobile Apps, which are in the Ovi Store 70 of these publishers, have gone past the 1 Million download mark. The apps which are being downloaded in millions are made by developers of GameLoft, Electronic Art, PepsiCo and HeroCraft. HeroCraft famous farm frenzy game has racked up almost 1Million downloads and Off-screen Touch screen apps got around 40 Million downloads up their sleeves.

When it was launched in May 2009, Nokia’s Ovi Store was launched as a competitor to Apple App Store. But initially, it wasn’t such a running success mainly because of its user unfriendly features. But the people at Nokia have recently revamped and gave a complete makeover to the Store. The new Ovi Store promises to give a more unique and user friendly experience and is also going to be available on the latest Symbian Smartphones.

The Ovi Store was also tagged as the store in which the multitude and diversity in Apps is not seen which the users have in Apple App Store or even in the Google Android Market. One of the major problems of lack of variety in Nokia Ovi Store has been the hesitant attitude of developers towards developing applications for Ovi Store. Developers have always been more attracted to Apple iPhone and Android Platform. But to counter that Nokia in its revamped store has provided developers with new tools and options, better revenue sharing policy and easier ways to search for the Apps.

So that time is not far away when Nokia Ovi Store will be at par with Apple App Store provided the fact that developers take keen interest in the newly redesigned Ovi Store. Nokia recently announced a $10 Million contest for developers to create apps.

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