New Online Slots To Try This October


The gaming industry is continuously pushing out new titles for players to engage with. The same happens in the real money gaming industry – online casinos are constantly offering their players new ways to play with, and new opportunities to win. The Euro Palace Casino has two exciting new slot machines for its players this month, but the two games are actually one: Titans of the Sun, in two editions, one featuring Hyperion and the other featuring Theia.

Hyperion was, according to the Greek mythology, one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia (the Earth) and Uranus (the Sky). With his sister Theia he fathered the Greek gods of the Sun (Helios), the Moon (Selene) and the Dawn (Eos). These two ancient characters responsible for our everyday light and heat are depicted as a beautiful couple of godlike figures in the two new slot machines released this week. You can find them among the latest Euro Palace online slots.

New Online Slots To Try This October

The two new slots come with a series of new features. Both come with a new symbol – dubbed Mystery Symbols – that transform into any of the game’s other symbols, including wilds during free spins. Another feature in the game is the Mega Symbol – the Theia and Hyperion symbols are stacked on the games’ reels, and whenever they land in a 3×3 setup they transform into one huge symbol depicting the appropriate character. Otherwise the game comes with the usual features for a modern slot machine – Wild and Scatter symbols, Spin Stop, Auto Play and others.

The Euro Palace has another slot machine in store for us, set to be released later this month – or closer to Halloween. The upcoming game, called Peek A Boo, will have a theme fit for the candy-filled holiday beloved by kids. Instead of zombies, monsters and Jack-o-Lanterns, this game features candy, ghosts and massive wins.

This ghost-ridden slot machine will have five reels, three rows and 40 win lines. Its reels will be filled with symbols representing both the scary and the delicious parts of Halloween. On one hand, we have chocolate, candy, marshmallows and various other sweets, on the other we have four ghosts, each with its distinctively colored ectoplasm around them. The game also comes with a Wild symbol – the Peek A Boo logo has taken on this role, stacked on all reels – and a special symbol, a small but brave ghost hunter looking for prey.

Whenever the ghost hunter zaps a ghost, its ectoplasm goes into a container on the right. And when the container fills, the game’s Free Spins feature is triggered. To make it more special, the game adds extra features to its Free Spins mode – the number of its win lines increases to 1024, and occasionally the reels are re-spun for extra wins.

No matter if you prefer ancient times or spooky sweetness, these new games at the Euro Palace Casino are the best for you to play this October.

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