Mobile App Development: Busting A Few Myths


Mobile apps have gained significant traction in the industry within quite a short time-frame. However, just because mobile apps popular, it doesn’t mean that they are “not” new. Mobile app development is way newer compared to the web based start-ups. Developers are still clouded by a few myths. If you’re a first time mobile entrepreneur then going through the following mobile-app myth busters will only be of help.

Mobile App Development: Busting A Few Myths

What are the most prevalent myths surrounding mobile app development?

Mobile app development is an uncomplicated process

There might as well be a lot of articles giving readers a rundown on the ways in which they can develop mobile apps. However, know for a fact that mobile apps are not very easy to develop. Even if you are developing simple apps, know for a fact that an app backed by high end technology is likely to sell more than a simple one. Thus, don’t really end up thinking that you don’t need to invest any effort while developing an app. However, it is also not prudent to think that technology is the end to your business. It is only an enabler. It is not necessary for you to know everything about coding. If you don’t exactly have stellar programming skills you can actually rope in someone who has the due credentials or outsource your needs to an agency.

Your customers are bound to come

No, they are not. There are scores of developers who think that customers will come once the app is finished. Why will they do so? Your work does not end once you are done developing the app. Promoting it remains one of the most important responsibilities of developers. And, even when you are marketing the app, make sure you’re not driven by the belief that you need to spend lots of money. Don’t undermine the need for satisfying your first set of customers and word of mouth. If you are looking forward to secure more information about mobile apps then please visit Customertimes NYC.

Mobile app development is necessarily expensive

No, it is not so. Companies might as well dismiss the idea of getting user-friendly mobile apps simply thinking that they are very costly. However, it is not actually so. In fact, the overall costs of the development of technology based ventures have minimized drastically from its earlier days. In fact, demos and version 1 can be created within just a few days. If you are willing to invest in a mobile app, make sure you are actually speaking to experienced mobile app developers. The costs will differ as per the technology backing it and the length of time invested for the development of the mobile app.


Can you think of other major myths surrounding the world of mobile app development? We have already listed a few of these myths (and busted them as well) above. Dispensing myths surrounding mobile app development is an important part of your education as well. Hope this particular primer has been of ample help as well.

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