Bosch Thermotechnology: Creating the Difference


Bosch Thermotechnology: Creating the Difference

Bosch Thermotechnology is smarter way to heat and cool your home, Geothermal heating from Bosch Thermotechnology is an excellent way to heat up the homes in winter season. For many year people trust this brand and adopt it’s Thermotechnology for a better solution.

Ervin Cash the Bosch Thermotechnology North America President and CEO said, “Bosch invests million of dollars annually into research and development to ensure our dealers; installers and ultimately consumers have access to the highest quality energy efficient products on the market. Bosch products are innovatively designed highly efficient and reliable meaning easier installations, fewer callbacks and more satisfied customers. The Bosch dealer portal will offer unmatched training and marketing support to HVAC professionals who carry the Bosch brand. We are a committed partner dedicated to working with our dealers to help them grow their business by adding innovative energy efficient products like our Bosch line of geothermal heat pumps.”

Bosch geothermal systems have many advantages: 1. Environment Friendly: Bosch makes use of green technology in the heating and cooling systems which makes it environment friendly because these systems do not release carbon dioxide 2. Low Operating Cost: Bosch Thermotechnology has low operating cost because it offers the energy efficient heating as well as cooling systems and one can save up to 70% from the energy bills. 3. Comfort and Flexibility: Bosch Thermotechnology is effective, flexible and comfortable mode to heat or cool home. 4. Reliability: Ground loop system of Bosch Thermotechnology offers life anticipation of above 50 years and residential warranty is better as compare to other system providers. 5. Quiet Operation: Bosch Thermotechnology system is quietest because of being operational with distinctive floating base pan and to discretionary compressor blanket.

Bosch Thermotechnology is smarter way to heat and cool your home, Bosch Thermotechnology North America is renowned in providing energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems and offers top quality solar thermal systems in addition to water heaters for houses and industries. Geothermal heating from Bosch Thermotechnology is a breakthrough in heating system. Out of all the providers of heating and cooling systems, Bosch is the leading one that aims to provide energy efficient, cost effective and comfortable system to facilitate the customers.


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