Media Server – Benefits and Leading Classifications


Media server refers to such device that is connected to TV, computers or cell phones via USB port or wireless internet connection. These devices help in transmitting music, movies, etc. into your home network with HD (High Definition) quality. Owing to its several advantages, media server has gained immense popularity after its release. There are many benefits of using the device for your home network, which are enumerated as under:

Media server – Special benefits:

  • Any movie, music can be watched and heard in complete HD quality.
  • It can not only pause, but also record and even playback live serials, sports, or others into any of your home network.
  • This device stores all music, videos or pictures on server.
  • Being a powerful software, it performs high to the imagination.
  • It is a good storage for all disks as well as DVD on server.
  • It has special Addons that enables it to live recording, chat and content.
  • It acts as good remote access for monitoring surveillance system as well.

Media server is a reliable device that performs well to your satisfaction. For its specialties, the device is now being used in large number of industrial houses. If you desire for highly featured functionalities then this device can be considered as the best. This device is one of the latest technologies and is being preferred mostly. Below are given three leading media server technologies to be chosen from.

Media server – 3 leading classifications:

  • Synology disk station – Features:
    • It has DLNA technology, which helps in communication between media server and other electronic devices smoothly. For DLNA technology, Synology disk station is among the leading servers.
    • With Synology disk station, you are no more required to spend on additional products to act as communicating device. It therefore saves on your expenditure as well.
  • XTREAMER Pro – Features:
    • It acts as an effective server to communicate with your home networks smoothly. The main benefit of using this server is that it communicates well with smartphones other than TV and computer.
    • Data of upto 4TB can easily be stored for recovery if there is any problem with the server.
    • With 7.1 sound, it is the best server for playing music.
    • It looks the best among 3 media servers with glossy look.
  • D-Link DNS-323 – Features:
    • This form of media server helps in storing large amount of data on its drives to be accessed via internet.
    • This helps in protecting your data in case of any damage unlike others.

Hence, all the above-mentioned are type of leading media servers along with their specialties and features. Although these three of them have different features, yet they serve your purpose well.

Conclusion: Media server can be considered as an effective device that has got flexibility, great features and other specifications that make users enjoy. Owing to its reliability, it has gained special position. Check into the specifications and then limit your choice to one of the servers.

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