Maylong Universe M-150


The tablet device Maylong M-150 is not an impressive deal and is said to be a undesirable purchase at any rate offered.


The look of the Maylong Universe M-150 is that of an illicit progeny of an iPad and a Samsung Galazy Tab but this device is considered to be an enticement and shift in every way possible.

On the front side of the M-150 is one button just like in an iPad. The Maylong M-150 muddles users with neither Android nor Apple’s button controls. There is a button on the right side of it that functions as the Menu button while the button on the front functions as a Back key. The Home button however is a small icon on the touch screen which is situated on the higher left hand corner of the screen.

The screen of the Maylong M 150 is a chunky resistive one which is covered with a distorted plastic on the front and which works as a gas place credit card mortal than a modern tab computer. The typing can be done best when using the stylus but it sounds quite much of a deal breaker to use a stylus on an Android device.

The overall graphical user interface of the M-150 is pretty much of a king-size budget cellphone from the 90’s because the icons and majority applications have been given a useless makeover. One thing that makes this tablet worth buying is its graphic elegance and interface acquaintance that Google brings with Android.

On the base of the tablet there are few speakers, a power adapter socket and a headphone jack. The power adapter socket works with the included wall wart and it is needed in every few hours as the battery goes down even if you have used it for a little browsing.


You will not find Bluetooth or support for cellular data in this tablet but it has Wi-Fi that is also limited to 802.11b/g. It has adapters for Ethernet connections with two USB host ports; one for an external keyboard whereas the other for a USB thumbs drive content. The Maylong M 150 has a storage capacity of 256 MB while it can be expanded through a microSD but the disappointing part is that when the card is inserted in the microSD slot it becomes reckless and damages the mechanism.

The software programs included in the tablet are not good at performance whereas the Android browser and Web applications could not be used enjoyably because the tablet’s screen keyboard efficiency is very poor. Although the tablet has video, music and YouTube applications but they were all disheartening. The tablet has an integral application market but it is not very useful as it is not the official Google’s Android Market.


The Maylong M 150 has shown poor performance and hence it cannot be considered useful in the real life usage. It has an awful screen, poor construction, terrible battery life with weak audio and video quality. The battery needs to be recharged after every four hours and thus this tablet makes it bad in the market to pay for.

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