Make Coffee Anytime, Anywhere With the Handpresso Pump


Imagine as a coffee lover, you would like to have hot coffee whenever possible readily available for you where ever you may be. What if you have an espresso maker, which can make an instant espresso for you at any time and gives a perfect sip. You might look for a portable espresso maker so can take it with you anywhere you go while travelling or making out with family and friends. Using this portable espresso machine even you can even skip a tasteless coffee in the office and can have a comfortable self made small shot of espresso.

Make Coffee At Anytime, Anywhere With EspressoHandpresso

One such portable manual espresso maker is the handpresso pump, that comes to your stable from handpresso. Using this amazing portable machine you can make yourself a small espresso somewhere in the middle of a road, outdoors, office, forest, on a beach and anywhere you can imagine. Let’s dig into product details!

Build Quality & In Hands

The product is made with smooth plastic and metallic tube. In hands, the product feels pretty strong and premium, on first use itself, it gives confidence that Handpresso espresso pump is great in terms of build quality. Though its weight is 480gms, you will feel heavy when you hold it with a single hand.

Make Coffee At Anytime, Anywhere With EspressoHandpresso


Portable espresso from Handpresso is designed in such a manner that the machine can easily work for several thousand pumps or uses. Each time you make espresso you need to use the pump to rise the pressure bar 16 upto green indicators. We made almost 20 mini espressos in a single day, but that doesn’t affect the working condition of the machine or any details of the product.

Make Coffee At Anytime, Anywhere With EspressoHandpresso

The pump is coated with scratch resistant material, which might make it feel a bit slippery in the hands. Paint coated on the pump is very resilient. The surface of the pump performed well under scratch test, unless handled pretty harshly you won’t find scratches or any damages on the surface from daily use.

Working Condition

Make Coffee At Anytime, Anywhere With EspressoHandpresso

The reservoir has 50ml of water capacity to make a small shot of espresso, it was built with fine quality of plastic and has a lid which has plastic rubber coating. Pump holds the indication marks for closing and opening the lid of the reservoir, the lid fits so perfectly that pressure escaping from the container is almost zero. The container is perfectly designed for holding E.S.E Pods or self-made ground coffee powder. E.S.E pod holder and ground coffee adapter sits and fits perfectly.

Final Impressions

  • Easy to Carry anywhere
  • Premium design and feel
  • Scratch and dust resistant
  • Taste is fine
  • Durable
  • Anyone can operate
  • Worth the cost if you love good espresso coffee
  • Warranty for 2 years

Make Coffee At Anytime, Anywhere With EspressoHandpresso

Final Rating: 4/5


2-in-1 espresso machine 82.5€ for 1 unit

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