Macbook Air ?-What are the Latest Additions?


Three years ago, Apple launched its first Macbook Air, which was advertised as, ?The World?s Thinnest Notebook.? On 20th July 2011, a new version of the Air was launched, which definitely beats its predecessors with the state of the art technology it employs.

Apple had one goal in mind when creating the new Air, to make a notebook that was unbelievably light, portable and as powerful and capable of doing the job of a notebook twice its size. One reason that it is so light is that Apple used flash chips, which are very small leaving space for the more important components such as battery. Its touchpad has been significantly improved, being big and glassy but quieter with a more refined sound so you can keep clicking away without the annoying sound and even supports multi finger gestures. Previously stripped off in the second generation of Air models, Apple has reintroduced the backlight, which lies just beneath the keyboard so you can see the QWERTY keyboard in low light. The most distinguishable difference between the designs of the new Air with the old ones is that it has a Thunderbolt port which can allow you to transfer at a super fast speed of 10 gb/second. With that, there are also two USB ports given, which will be a minus point for those who have all sorts of devices connected in their USB ports and will need to carry an extension cable. The 13 inch Air also has an SD card slot.

Both the models use the latest generation Intel processors, Core i5 and i7, and is equipped, with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of hard drive making it fast, efficient and capable of running pretty much any modern day software. You can also find OS X Lion, the latest release of Mac OS X, which gives you security along with compatibility, fitting in with Windows Networks as well. It also gives you access to innovations which are unheard of in other operating systems such as support for more than 40 Braille displays.

Moving on, the 13-inch model has a 1440 x 900 display; it’s actually a glossy, LED-backlit panel. The display is still pretty impressive, with its contrast, brightness and viewing angles and is wide enough to enable two persons to watch a show together. However, tasks in which pixels matter such as working on photos can be a bit limited.

Where the previous models failed, the new Air has excels. When tested for its battery life, it passed them all superbly with the 13 inch model lasting for more than Apple?s claim of 7 hours. The benchmarks can also be checked out at any site, if you are unsure.

Needless to say, Apple has outdone itself again. It shines in both the hardware and software of its product due to which it has gotten rave reviews from the experts, with CNET giving it a four star rating. If any notebook must be bought, then it is this new Air, perfect for home users, students and businessmen alike with its blazing speed and powerful capabilities.

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