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Learning about Top Video-Editing Programs


Learning about Top Video-Editing Programs

Home video editing systems have been given a major boost by all the high tech advancements in computers. Most anyone with a computer can do their own editing at home. In the beginning, editing meant cutting and splicing footage together. The entire process needless to say has come a long way thanks to computer technology. Video editing can be done in just a few minutes with the use of special programs for Windows and Apple based computers.

Video editing programs may be broadly classified into 4 main ones and evenly distributed between Windows and Apple. Top video-editing programs for Windows include Windows Movie Maker, a default program, while the Adobe Premiere Pro program is better suited for advanced users. For use with Apple computers, you have iMovie a default program that comes pre-installed in every computer. Final Cut Pro is for the professionals who wish to create video productions.

There are other video editing programs like Movie Star 5 and Nero Start Smart among others that are usually part of the digital video recorder and camcorder packages.

All the top video-editing programs feature the same program layout with the project window storing all of the media content used in the project. Editing and ordering of clips happens in the timeline window. Then you have the preview window that shows you footage of the project to date in delayed or real time. The advanced programs have an effect window and audio window as well as history tools to undo or fix any errors that happen.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are the top video-editing programs with multi layered timelines. With this feature, it is possible to overlay multiple sections one on top of the other, of the audio and video.  This feature is very handy for split screens, transitions, audio sound effects, background music and more. These programs also have the capability to create titles that have shadows, motion and multiple gradients.

Top video-editing programs are simple to use and the process easy, provided all you are doing is trimming and adding clips. The more advanced projects take a lot longer to complete. Depending on how fast the computer is and also how long the project is, rendering the project into final video can take a while. It is possible to render a preview, check it and correct mistakes before the final rendering takes place.

The best quality clips are usually AVI or MPEG2 video but they use up a good portion of the hard drive due to editing and rendering. For example, a 1 hour AVI clip will use up as much as 10GB. You also have MOV and WMV formats that create smaller file sizes.

The Adobe Premiere Pro has several useful features that other programs don’t have, but it is a very highly priced program. It is also noted for the high level of complexity in use. If it is not for professional use, the Windows Movie Maker is an excellent free program with enough features to do your video editing.

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