Laptops Bring You Incredible Features: Which Suits You Best?


2013 is an exciting year for technology, because we’re just not sure what kinds of new tech gadgets or enhancements we’ll see brought to the average consumer. Sure, you’ll see the big smartphone releases like the S4 and iPhone 5S hit store shelves, and they’ll be really awesome and sought after.

But what about the computer market? What do we have to look forward to in regards to new technology improvements? Last year, we saw solid state drives take off, even though they were around for years before that. That was because the price per gig dropped dramatically, allowing people to take full advantage of the speed.

Then we saw high-resolution displays take off in rapid pace like with the Macbook.

With this in mind, are there laptops coming out that are truly revolutionary and worth the extra coin because of the new additions?

Here are three laptops that will be worth looking into in 2013:

Chromebook Pixel

This is an interesting laptop, and it’s because it sports a high price tag and is made by Google itself. But that’s not the only thing that’s amazing, it’s the build quality and amazingly-high resolution display.

Chromebook Pixel

But at $1,300, is it actually worth that price tag? Let’s consider the fact that it will have 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, an i5 processor, and this amazing screen. But its operating system is Chrome OS, which up until now was regarded as a purely Internet browsing OS. It still is an Internet browsing OS without any abilities to use software or install programs in the traditional way, but Google is banking on the way of the future.

The future looks like it will harness the power of the cloud, and Google is hoping people can overlook this detail when looking at Chrome OS as a whole.

So yes, this laptop is amazing.

This is one trend we may see: mobile operating systems taking off.

ARM-Based Processors

ARM-based typically means it’ll run with low-power consumption in mind, which means it’ll be best suited for smartphones or tablets. But laptop companies are looking into adding these to their laptops for superior battery life and affordability.

We’re not quite there yet, but if we can see can ARM processors that are powerful enough to run full operating systems like Windows, it’ll be an amazing feat.

Sure, they won’t be speed demons, but if they can perform respectively, it’ll be worth the trouble.

Thinner, Lighter

Laptops as a whole will be lighter and thinner, one trend that we’ve seen over the years taken to heart by Apple mainly.

But other companies are surely looking to tap into that market. We’ll certainly see, won’t we!

These trends will certainly happen, but it’s been only a matter of time before we saw it happen, right?

About the author: Miscelleana Rhinehart writes a lot about the latest computer technology, but she also enjoys writing for NJ Honda dealers.

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