Is MiFi the Future of Wireless Internet?


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A new revolution is taking place for the world of wireless Internet users while they are out and about. Previous WiFi hotspots have been popular in locations such as airports, coffee shops, libraries and hotel rooms. The exciting new development of MiFi allows users the freedom of a mobile wireless Internet connection in any area with existing coverage. The device, which is only about the size of a credit card, easily connects to a cellular carrier’s data network. In addition, devices in the neighboring area, such as multimedia players or computers, are also allowed a WiFi connection.

Global connectivity

Worldwide Internet access is now much closer to reality thanks to such technology as the global MiFi. This portable wireless router could also prove to be a more economical option for families with separate data plans for each cell phone. Some believe that the MiFi could eventually replace subscriptions to wired broadband in the same way that cell phones are replacing home phone lines. This device is already helping families to stay connected to personal devices during road trips and in locations where WiFi connections are not available. MiFi is also ideal for business meetings where Internet access would otherwise be unavailable.

Italian access

Mifi Italy connections are possible for those who live or travel in the country. It is recommended that customers use an international MiFi device with an Italian SIM card for their connection. Different devices other than computers, including eBook readers or iPads, will also work with such a connection. One MiFi model that works in Italy is the MiFi 2352. Features for this model include GPS capabilities, an advanced internal antenna system, 30 feet of network coverage and four hours of use on a single charge. This particular device also allows for less connectivity interruptions and has an easy installation process.

Chinese connection

Mifi China connections are also possible with the Huawei E5830 mobile broadband router. This model, like the MiFi 2352, works with other devices in the hotspot area, such as cell phones and netbooks. Passwords can be set to make the MiFi more secure from tampering. The device is easy to use, with icons that indicate the strength of a signal and whether or not the MiFi is roaming. This router also goes into sleep mode to conserve power if there is no network activity. Current Chinese MiFi connections tend to work better in more industrialized, urban areas. At present, this device configuration is only possible in wired mode.

Is MiFi the Future of Wireless Internet-pic1

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