How to Use the Samsung SGH-D307 Effectively


How to Use the Samsung SGH-D307 Effectively

Samsung’s SGH-D307 is a GSM phone with a very attractive dual flip hinge. Open it up like the standard phone or turn it sideways to type your text. The mini QWERTY keyboard is easy to use and you have Bluetooth, voice recognition, dictation, internal antenna, speakerphone and EDGE high speed data functions on the phone.

The Samsung SGH-D307 has some handy features and you will find the information in this article quite useful. Often, we have no time to read the manual and so miss out on taking full advantage of the features and functions available to us. Using the phone is not difficult and the following pointers will help you optimize the functionality of the Samsung SGH-D307 very well.

You can connect to the internet in one of two ways using the Samsung SGH-D307 phone. You can make use of the shortcut key by simply pressing the ‘Cingular” logo key to connect. Alternatively, make use of the menu provided by pressing the menu key – selecting my media or the number 5 key and then selecting media net or the number 1 key. That’s all there is to it!

Another useful feature on this phone is the 3 way conference calling facility. To activate it you simply need to put the phone on standby mode and then dial the first person’s number and press the send key. When you get connected request the person to stay online and then press the send key to active the hold function. Now dial the second person’s number and press the send key. When your second person answers the call, press the send key and all three of you will be connected. Don’t forget that you have to disconnect in order for the other two people to get disconnected, since the call originated at your end.

The phone’s call waiting function is a very handy one when you have a call come in while talking with someone else. Rather than letting the person keep hearing the ring tone or engaged tone depending on your phone, you can press the talk button and then place the first caller on hold to talk with the second caller. Pressing the right key will allow you to switch back to the first caller, putting your second caller on hold. In order to make use of the call waiting facility; you need your service provided to enable it for you. Charges may be applicable so consult the service provider for details.
There are some things you cannot do with the SGH-D307 phone that includes the disadvantage of not being able to lock or unlock the keys on the phone. Another thing you cannot do is to transfer data from the phone to a computer. The reason being there is no software kit available for this model.
Reviews show that the Samsung SGH-D307 is considered a really neat phone and quite well liked. It features regular flip, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, color screen that is quite bright, loud enough speakerphone, loud ringer and plenty of other attractive features.

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