How to Recover a Forgotten Password in MS Excel


Today computers have spread their wings to almost all areas of our life be in professional or personal. Thus, with the increased use of computers in our day to day life we deal with a lot of sensitive and confidential information. We protect these information and data through all the possible ways and make sure that only authentic people access to the same. Keeping this in my almost all computer applications come with option of password protection. One of the highly used computer application around the world is Microsoft Office Suit. Due to its popularity and reliability Microsoft also included an added advantage to it that is to protect various applications included in this suit with password. But is it possible for us, to remember so many passwords of different MS Office files? Well, big no! There are times when we forget the password of some of our very crucial word doc file, excel sheet, or etc and end up losing their accessibility. However, hats off for latest technology for brining Office password recovery tool.

Let us exemplify the above situation. Being back office executive with a software development company, you have to maintain the records of all the sell products, delivered products, purchase orders, etc on MS Excel 2007. Therefore, to protect your data from unwanted alteration and unauthentic access, you have protected your all the MS Excel workbooks with password to open. However, one fine day, you boss asks you to send some specific report to you as soon as possible. Thus, before sending that report to him, you thought to cross check it and to do so when you opened that Excel sheet found that you forgot the password to open the document. You tried to recollect the password but with no luck.

Frantically! You searched over the Internet for the problem and found a number of tools to recover Office password. These tools use brute force attack mechanism to recover lost or forgotten passwords. However, these tools perform more quickly when you provide them some hint of your lost or forgotten password. One of the reliable and decent Office password recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Office Password Recovery software.

This efficient MS Office password recovery software is helpful for all MS Office users to recover their lost or forgotten MS Office password for both ‘Password to Open’ and ‘Password to Modify’ features. The software provides various options to narrow down the search for appropriate password. One of the additional features of this software is that it saves the recovered passwords to internal dictionary and gives them back in fraction of seconds when the next time you search for them. The software supports MS Office 2007/2003/2002/2000.

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